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Sequesterville Express

Dave & Connor are the next to find the clue box, currently in second place. Connor's still hoping for another win so they can go get his dad's leg fixed, so obviously he's taking the Roadblock. He doesn't seem to understand that coming in last will free them up to do so. Still in his sarong from the fruit Detour, he asks a crowd of people if the surfboard shop is this way. They moan "yeah" like a crowd of extras from the other show I watch on Sunday nights.

Winnie seems to be cutting through a cave on the beach to some steps and a wooden catwalk in her ongoing quest for the surf shop. And the hell of it is, that's how she finds it. She stats riffling through the racks of boards, narrating that she's looking for something they've all seen, which logically eliminates any Roadblocks or Detours. At the waiting area, Pam is confident that Winnie's memory will serve her well. Sure enough, Winnie quickly finds the board with the priest on it. She carries it away, pointing Connor in the right direction toward the as they pass each other. Connor finds the shop and starts searching for the right board, looking for something he's seen before. The Amazing Cameraman picks out the correct one sticking out of the rack, while Connor continues searching obliviously and Luke from TAR14 has a PTSD flashback while watching at home. Max and Katie read the Roadblock clue in third place and Max volunteers to take it, as does Caroline when she and Jennifer show up.

Mona & Beth get their sand baskets as full as they can manage, then climb in their soaking wet clothes to the top of the hill to dump the contents into the bin. "It was really hard," Beth interviews. Note to self: along with derby girls, never mess with a Balinese river-sand harvester.

Jessica & John have a judge check their work and get shot down. "Instead of stressing out, let's view this as an opportunity," John suggests insufferably. They've fallen victim to the fruit-impaling trend, plus their offering is much narrower at the top than it's supposed to be. In fact, it's so bad that Jessica thinks they need to start over entirely. That's about where they are when Bates & Anthony show up, relieved to see other teams still there.

At the surf shop, Connor is still searching through the boards when Winnie comes back through with her board, looking for Phil. Connor asks her if she's got the right board. Holding it so the priest sticker is against her body and facing away from him, Winnie offers to let him come in second after her, if she tells him. He doesn't take the deal, because he's in second place already. And then, while she turns around looking for Phil, Connor sneaks a peek at her board and finds the right one almost as soon as she's gone. A bit shady, that. She's soon down on the beach, asking surfers if there's a beach further along. Max finds the right board almost immediately, referring to the image as "the priest that married me and Katie" and running off in search of Phil. While negotiating the staircases clinging to the cliffs, Connor spots an Amazing Arrow and finds Dave at the designated waiting area, then leads him to Phil, who is waiting at the mat with another shirtless local. I do hope the final memory test at the end of the race doesn't involve nipples. Phil asks Connor to show him the board and says, "Dave & Connor, that is correct and you are team number one!" So that makes two legs in a row that Dave has won on crutches, plus they get five thousand each. Phil declares it "nothing short of remarkable," and Dave gives all the credit to his teammate. "One leg at a time on one leg," Connor interviews. And occasionally peeking at other people's work.

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