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As for the Roadblock itself, Dave, Art, and Ralph have a pretty good lead on Brendon right now, as you'd expect. Dave gets his string hooked on another eyelet forty feet away, then hooks a shuttle onto the fibers and walks back to the starting point with it, while Ralph keeps dropping his rope. So Dave has successfully made forty feet of rope, and I still don't get how he did it, but he's ready to start the second stage of the Roadblock, which is spooling his rope. Her loads it onto a spinning tripod and begins winding it into a hand-spun reel straight out of Gilligan's Island, in a process he calls "labor-intensive." Art is finishing making his rope, with Ralph right behind him. Both of them head to the spools while Brendon continues twisting, or braiding, or plaiting, or whatever the hell he's doing. "Slow and steady," she cheers Brendon on from behind. He turns to look back at her, but rather than meet his eyes she looks down guiltily. Or else she just wants to show him how good her hair looks today.

The difficulty with the cranking stage of the Roadblock proves to be the fact that instead of a proper crank handle, there's just a ten-inch nail driven into the end of the spindle that the racers are turning at high speed. As a result, there's some bleeding going on. While Brendon finishes roping, Rachel says that if they get Philiminated because she didn't do the Fast Forward, "I'm going to be really upset." But at least she'll still have her hair, and it's not like she doesn't already get really upset daily, about everything. Brendon moves on, and despite being the third person to get to this part of the task, Ralph actually finishes first. Other Rachel is calling out encouragement to Dave, who appreciatively snaps, "Babe, I don't need positive reinforcement, please. I appreciate silence. Thanks, though." Rachel gives him some, along with a frozen smile, but I hope it's just for now.

Ralph gets his clue while Art pauses to stretch his aching back. Outside, Ralph reads from the clue, "Make your way to Fort Kochi. Once there, search the area around the temple for a barber working under an ancient tree." Yup, there he is, shaving a customer. Also, how many temples are there going to be in this leg? They head out of there in the lead, but while they're running off in search of their rickshaw guy, Vanessa takes a bad step and falls flat on her face, pinned under her backpack and screaming for Ralph. He rushes back to help, and the last image is of Vanessa on her back, popping her eyes out and hollering, "Oh my God!" So it's probably just like when they're at home. Except that after the ads, she's saying that it's her ankle.

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