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Gary spots the mine up on a hill. Mallory: "Wooowooowoowoowoo!" They unload their car and she screams all the way up to the mat, where Phil tells them they're team number nine. Considering they were in first place at the halfway point of this leg, Mallory reacts like the joey in her costume has turned around in its pouch and grown a tongue.

Ron and Christina get directions to the mine from a guy at a gas station. Kris and Amanda spot it from the road. Cutting back and forth between the two of them ensued. It's close, or it looks like it is, but Ron and Christina are clearly closer, and sure enough they're the tenth team to arrive. "Give us good news, Bill," Ron says. "Ron, did you just call me Bill?" Phil asks. Ron denies it, and Phil confirms their names before telling them they're team number ten. Christina diplomatically says, "We still have stuff to figure out between the two of us." Ron says, "Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it's still difficult for me not to get too domineering." Christina doesn't join him in chuckling, but says, "We're just two very different people and we love each other." Translation: "It's not like you can break up with your dad."

Here comes the last team, and it's poor Amanda and Kris, making them the first to be Philiminated. Kris says he's "bummed, "but unlike the last time they got U-Turned this was their own fault. Kris interviews, "We basically won the lottery twice. "But no money," Amanda points out. Kris says the experience was the opportunity of a lifetime. "I'd do it over again in a heartbeat." And get U-Turned again, inevitably.

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