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Down Under Blunders

Briefly back to the marina, where Jet is still stumped.

Flight Time and Big Easy (currently in fifth) talk about the things they have in common and their differences. It's not particularly deep, and I think it's mainly to have an excuse to show Flight Time saying, "He's ugly, I look good." They run to the wharf to take a ferry back to Sydney, the same way they came.

Jaime and Cara, otherwise known as Team Go Team (in sixth), are also taking a ferry back. They talk about how excited they are to be racing again with Margie and Luke (who are in seventh). They end up taking the ferry together, and as Cara talks about how both these teams know they can trust each other with information, we get a flashback of Luke getting help from Jaime at the end of TAR14. Margie agrees that she hopes they can continue to work together. "And both of them are my 'race girlfriends,'" Luke signs.

Ron is lecturing Christina about how they also have to take a ferry back, since he's pretty confident that's the only way to get on and off this island that they're on. First of all, Ron, it's an isthmus, and second of all, shut up. Christina interviews that it's hard for parent-child teams on the race, which I think is the first time I've ever heard a member of a parent-child team say that on this show. As if to illustrate their particular issues, there's a flashback of her calling him on his behavior at some point in their previous race. Ron interviews that he may again find himself acting like a dick as a result of sleep deprivation. So, not because he's actually a dick?

Jet returns to the commodore for what I think is now the fourth time and finally recites, "I am between the devil and the deep blue sea," like he's supposed to. They spot the sailboats a distance up the beach and "haul butt" in that direction. Finally the commodore gets to go home. I bet it was a long week for him standing on that dock.

Gary and Mallory's cab driver is haranguing them for an address or any clue whatsoever about their destination, but of course they have neither. They get out of the cab, but their next move isn't clear. All we can see for sure is that they're getting frustrated. Meanwhile, Kris cajoles Amanda out of their cab. "So I'll just humor you," she says as she gets out, like sitting in a parked taxi is going to get them anywhere. Kisha and Jen get dropped off at the Maritime Museum, which is not the right place, but a museum guide outside directs them inside to the information center on the second floor. They head right in, find the information kiosk, and politely commandeer the woman's computer. Zev and Justin also get dropped off there, and they soon catch up with Kisha and Jen inside. Some Googling later ("That sounds very dirty," Zev observes after the fact), they figure out that they need to get to a big anchor at Town Hall, which luckily is within walking distance. The four of them will head over together and, I presume, try not to drop their passports down a port-a-potty.

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