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Driving along, Zev makes an observation about the Outback: "There's not a lot of steakhouses." The Whites are behind the sisters, and Mel isn't happy with how slowly Kisha's driving. "A kangaroo could run faster than you're driving, Kisha," he jokes. But only if the kangaroo's leg doesn't cramp up.

Team ASL, Team Go Team, and the Goths have gotten directions at a petrol station, not that they really needed to. "I'm driving, I'm driving," Luke chants happily, like he just got his license, before the caravan gets back underway. "Just about right now the other flight should be arriving," Kent remarks.

Sure enough, the second flight touches down. It's the same drill all over again with the running, the cars, and the clues, but with the added bonus of Mallory inflicting her demented grin on nothing in particular. She knows exactly where the Living Desert is, she says. Everyone drives off, Amanda and Kris still stressing about their U-Turn. Ron and Christina are the last to get going, and Ron nearly drives in front of a utility truck because he forgot they drive on the left side of the road here. If he's going to continue to insist on always being right, he's going to have to start being wrong less.

Zev and Justin, holding onto their lead, are the first to spot the clue box just standing by the side of the road that passes through the desert. There are several other re-racers' SUVs already pulling in behind them as Zev retrieves and opens the clue. Cut to a large group of aboriginals (and Amazing Race production assistants) doing some kind of dance in the desert to live didgeridoo music. Phil says this Detour is about "aboriginal customs that have managed to survive through the ages." In the option called "Spirit World," they'll use "traditional materials" (actually different colored rocks, dirt, and hunks of blackboard chalk) to make a ground mosaic like the one that's already been created as an example. It's a stylized representation of a desert with a snake and animal tracks under a starry, moonlit sky, about the size of a large area rug. It's not going to be as hard to reproduce as it sounds, because the lines and areas have been marked out for everyone like a paint-by numbers, only there aren't numbers and the paint is actually rocks and chalk. Once it's done, they'll do a little dance on top of the mosaic to raise the ancestral spirits. Then the ancestral spirits will give them there next clue, I guess. For the Detour option called "Natural World," they'll make "territory markers" using paint, stencil shapes, and their mouths. That is to say, they'll spit the paint at a small stone surface set into the ground, using shapes like lizards and their own hands as stencils. Who knew spray-painted highway markings were invented there?

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