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Zev and Justin are going for the Spirit World option. "He's very artistic," Justin says. "And autistic," Zev adds in an interview, cracking Justin up. Zev's only concern is that he's not a good dancer. "That's okay, Everybody wants to see you dance," Justin assures him. Besides, it's not like dance challenges on this show ever hold anyone to any kind of standard. Team Asperger's, the sisters, and the Whites all get right to work on this, Mike wisely assigning Mel to stay in place and lay the rocks out while Mike does the fetching and carrying. Soon Team Go Team arrives in fourth place, and also opts for the mosaic. So do Team ASL and the Goths. I'm starting to see a pattern.

"The Living Deseeeert!" Mallory sings as she and Gary drive past the sign. As always, she is the star of her own personal opera. Amanda and Kris follow them right to the clue box. Amanda asks Gary and Mallory which one they're going to do, like it matters, but they both head over to Spirit World first and see the other teams, many of whom already have their shirts off. Gary quickly removes his, but the better news is that so does Kris. The Cowboys make the same choice of Detour when they arrive; "Everybody else is doing it, we might as well too," Jet interviews. Plus they can use their hats to carry the rocks. Not that they're going to. Everyone is surprised to see the second flight of teams already arriving. The Globetrotters arrive in tenth place, and as always, they're not afraid to dance. Ron and Christina arrive last and opt for Spirit World, making it unanimous. Christina reminds Ron that even though they're in last place, Kris and Amanda have that pesky U-Turn.

So now every team is there, running back and forth with rocks and chalk and dirt in their shirts. Mel's leg cramps up again, in that now-familiar way it has where it simultaneously triggers the muscles in Mel's body that make him say, "Jeez!" Big Easy gets so into the didgeridoo music that he almost forgets what he's didgeridoing.

Jen and Kisha are the first to finish their mosaic, but their guide tells them, "No." The same guide also tells Kent and Vyxsin, "Yes." Kisha is pointing out to Jen that theirs doesn't look the same. Kent scampers off to get "children," but if any of these people hanging around banging on drums with mud on their face is under eighteen, then so is Kent. Mel is back to work, saying, "This is so much nicer, on my knees breathing, instead of on my face, falling." Kent is trying to get Vyxsin to help him round up "children," repeating it like six times and taking them by their hands to lead them over. Everyone seems to think Kent is out of his mind, and I can't say I disagree. Zev and Justin get an okay for their mosaic, as do Luke and Margie. Kent and Vyxsin are leading their group around the perimeter of their mosaic, while Jen, next to them, is "super dumbfounded." Zev and Justin run to get dancers, but then decide maybe they don't need them. Which, Kent's insistence to the contrary notwithstanding, they don't. Both they and Team ASL dance awkwardly on top of their respective mosaics. Jen and Kisha realize they have some medium rocks where they're supposed to have bigger ones, and run off to get the right size. Kent and Vyxsin get a no for their dance, but Zev and Justin get a yes, demonstrating that it's not who you dance with but where you dance. Which makes this the opposite of high school. Anyway, Team Asperger's is still in first place. The next clue is sending them back to Broken Hill, specifically the "Home of the Magpies," which would be a local stadium called the Central Football Club. The next clue is in the middle if the field, as per usual. They're happily on their way, with Luke and Margie close behind.

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