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When Guido Met Mirna

The next morning, 6:59 turns to 7:00, and JVJ, Rob and Amber, Danny and Oswald, and Charla and Mirna open their clue. It tells them to get to Cotopaxi National Park. And then it says something, apparently, that they don't want you to read, because every time they show this clue, the rest of it is covered over with a card. Maybe it says "When you get there, collect the free rubdown and margarita we had to promise you to get you to come out here and do this again." Phil explains that the teams will now use a provided map to drive themselves 65 miles to Hacienda Yanahurco, which is within Cotopaxi National Park. The clue "advises" the teams to use the north entrance to the park. But first, they have to find the parking garage where their cars are, so these lead teams take off on foot. It doesn't take long to find, though, so they're soon piling into their white SUVs. Mirna immediately starts complaining that she doesn't drive stick that well, which makes perfect sense, since she's only had about three years to rectify that since her last attempt. Seriously, as lame as it is when first-time teams come to race and say they can't drive a stick, it's even more ridiculous for people who have been here before.

Meanwhile, more teams leave at 7:15 AM. The BQs, Guidos, Teri and Ian, and Uchenna and Joyce go to the parking garage and get cars. And Ian's got the Asshat on again today. He and Teri pass Joe and Bill, and in the car, Joe muses about how Teri and Ian are tougher than they look, and easy to underestimate "because he's crotchety and old-looking." Hey, don't judge Joe. He's speaking his truth. Joyce comments generically on how much she's enjoying driving around in the SUV.

Up ahead, one would hope, the former lead teams are asking for directions to the park. Rob and Amber hire a cab to lead them, as do Oswald and Danny. "We have to really hurry up," says Oswald, suddenly recalling what show they're on.

At 7:30, the rest of the teams leave. Eric and Pink, Mary and David, and Kevin and Drew. Drew and David squabble a bit over one of the cars, which seems unnecessary, and then Kevin and Drew do a blocking maneuver to keep David and Mary from getting out ahead of them. The whole thing is pretty mature, honestly.

So it turns out that Mirna and Charla have kidnapped themselves a local, and Mirna is introducing herself using pidgin English, as she is wont to do. "My name Mirna, my cousin name Charla." Yeah. And then Charla taps the local on the shoulder and says, "Yo soy... " Meaning, of course "I am." Juan gets the drift, as haphazardly blown as that draft is, and says that his name is Juan. Mirna proceeds to interview that she and Charla are good with the locals, because they're not afraid of them. That is pretty amazing, given the known dangers associated with unknown Ecuadorians. I'm not sure that fear of the locals is the usual problem.

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