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Cab Fair

Walking montage. Chad and Stephanie are the last to get the Bank Bridge clue and they start walking to the tower. Team @ and Nick/Vicki are walking, not cabbing, to their next destination. Jill and Thomas are running around asking for directions. Instead of finding anyone who knows where they should go, they run into Gary and Mallory. Soon the four of them are running around together, the blind leading the blondes.

Up at the tower, Kevin's saying to Claire, "I hope it's not something obvious," which is the kind of remark the Amazing Editors just love, because it means they can show the figurine three feet from the back of his head. Finally Claire turns and spots it, so they figure that's where they're going: the matching, life-sized place on the horizon. On their way down, Kevin remarks, "I think Nick may have lied to us, though." Down on the street, the two teams decide to try describing the building to their cab drivers -- which they aren't supposed to be using. So Brook warned Kevin about the no-cab clue, and then broke it herself. Usually the reverse happens.

Time for the third pair of racers to climb the tower, and this time it's Thomas and Mallory, who have found the place before Chad and Stephanie did. Thomas is sure they're looking for a red and yellow flag somewhere on the skyline, failing to notice the figurine just like everyone else. Chad and Stephanie get some directions on the street, and finally Thomas notices the figurine behind hem. "My gosh, we're so dumb," Mallory says. Look, it happened again! All four of them head out of the building on foot with Thomas in the lead, telling the other three, "It's, like, that way." They run past Chad and Stephanie, which makes them happy to know they aren't last any more. More running and jogging, and soon the two lead teams (that being Nick/Vicki and Nat/Kat) are in the shadow of the church, which Nick reverently describes as "that big son of a bitch." In front of the church, they find and open the clue, which Team @ reads in harmony as though they're still performing a musical task: "Where am I? Peter the Great is buried inside me." Phil says that would be the Peter and Paul Fortress, an impressive structure on the river that from the air looks like a six-pointed ninja star. The next clue is at that facility's "gorodki courts," whatever those are. The two lead teams asks some locals -- including a guy at an information booth, who apparently isn't allowed to give information that's not about the church -- where Peter the Great is buried, and come up empty. Why not look in Peter the Great's tomb?

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