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Meanwhile, Josh and DadSteve are at the Vienna West train station, getting tickets to Gmunden. DadSteve says that they used the Fast Forward just to get to a better position where they hope things will pan out better for them. I actually think it's an example of a good FF use, because they really were in danger of being eliminated, and you'd hate to get booted without ever even using it. Plus, that was the most enjoyable FF of all time, I have to think.

Sheree heads out to the jump, allowing that she was a little "wigged out" by the height, but that she went anyway. To her credit, she goes. There's very little left to say about bungee-jumping, after all. It's basically a gravity demonstration. Gravity? Still works. Isn't that a relief? The Jaree/Sheree and Friends Alliance takes off in the direction of the train station.

Reichen is gravity's plaything. ClownJon is, too. There is falling, bouncing, and a refreshing absence of bloody death.

Millie -- having pushed and shoved her way into the Roadblock -- finds herself struggling. She asks for water, trying to stave off an asthma attack without her inhaler, which they didn't let her bring up the tower with her. You know, there's "ballsy," and then there's "pigheaded and just plain not smart." I leave it to your judgment. Millie jumps, cheered on by Chuck's monkey impression.

At the Vienna West station, Chip picks up tickets to Gmunden. Tian offers Reichen a high-five on the train. They're bonding, like, "Yeah, everybody hates my gorgeous ass, too."

Roadblock. Cindy and Russell arrive with David and Jeff ("whoooo?"). When they pull numbers for jump order, David gets his first, so he's jumping seventh, and Russell is jumping eighth. Behind them are AirSteve and AirDave, and when they reach the Roadblock, Dave initially says he'll go. "Save your knee," AirSteve reminds him. "I'll go." Very smart move, I think, because I would not hang from my ankles if I had a bad knee, lest my knee snap in half and I wind up bouncing up and down on the airbag and discovering that I'm down one shin.

Up at the top of the jump, Jon is having his harness yanked by a safety checker. "Take me, I'm yours," he says with about the maturity you would expect. Harness guy is like, "Ha. Ha." Jon jumps backwards, because he's cra-zay! Is that the best they can do to bring interest to the bungee-jump? The promise of a liaison between Jon and the harness jockey? Sigh. Booo-ring. The highlight of Jon's jump is that it introduces the return of my favorite piece of incidental music -- the Horns of Perseverance. "BLATBLATBLAT BLATBLATBLAT BLATBLATBLAT BLAT!" it goes. They've recently been relegating the HoP to the previouslys, so I'm relieved to see it back where it belongs. It's actually quite a little stretch of Classic Race Music during Jon's jump, which I shouldn't know, but do. Kelly gives Jon a big hug and kiss when he's at the bottom, and they get their clue.

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