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Don't Bite on the Beethoven

David is next to jump. I still barely know who he is.

Russell is after David. Unfortunately, I do know who he is. At the bottom, he and Cindy get a taxi, and Russell tells the cab driver that they're on their way to Gmunden and need the train station.

Back at Vienna West, David and Jeff make a train with what they claim is about five minutes to spare.

In the Cindy/Russell Cab of Dysfunction, they discuss their strategy. Or lack thereof. Russell says they're not playing "cutthroat." He says that all of their arguing is within their own team, not with other people. Cindy says she thinks they need to try to stop doing that because it's hurting their performance, and Russell dismissively insists that it isn't. Oh, go away, both of you. I didn't like you when your names were Tara and Wil.

Millie and Chuck, Kelly and Jon, Al and ClownJon, and David and Jeff ("Amazing whaaaat? Race whooooo?") are all on the same train to Gmunden. Millie claims to be nervous despite knowing that Russell and Cindy and Steve and Dave are behind them.

At the top of the jump, AirSteve Groanies about how there's no way he and AirDave can keep up. Blah blah blah, enough already.

Commercials. Baby Bob? Are they serious? For crying out loud.

Tall spire! Bungee-jump! AirSteve faces his mortality! Possibly really soon! He says that he and AirDave had vowed to never give up, so there was no way he was going to bail on the jump. In an interview, Dave claims that seeing AirSteve at the top of the tower was "like an eclipse," and that Greenpeace showed up to tell them to stop throwing whales off the tower. It's funny, kind of, except that AirSteve isn't really fat, so it feels like a joke that's shoehorned into the situation. Moreover, Dave could give him a little support, you know. After AirSteve completes the jump, he says as they leave that they'll be Philiminated unless somebody else gets lost on the way to the pit stop.

If anyone is going to get lost on the way to the pit stop, it's certainly not going to be Josh and DadSteve, who are finding it right now. When they reach Phil, he's accompanied by Your Adopted Viennese Grandmother, apparently acting as the greeter. Phil tells them they're team number one.

Elsewhere, AirDave and AirSteve get a bad lead from a local who sends them to Vienna North to the train station where she "thinks" there are trains to Gmunden. For the second time in the same damn episode, they don't double-check the directions from the local, and they head out on this soft advice.

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