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In the Russell/Cindy cab, he tempts fate by declaring that he's not worried about their place tonight at all, because they'll be eighth. Why exactly he's sure they'll be ahead of anyone besides Steve and Dave (which would make them ninth) isn't clear to me. But what matters is that Russell openly declares his lack of concern, and the people at the Department of Karma really frown on that. And where are he and Cindy? At the Vienna East train station. Uh oh. Inside, Russell asks for tickets to "Gmunden," but the ticket guy gives him the info on the train to "Gmund." Russell clearly says "Gmunden," and the guy clearly says "Gmund," but neither seems to notice the confusion. As was aptly pointed out by an Eagle-Eyed Forum Poster, if there aren't trains to Gmunden from here, then the ticket guy isn't being too silly in assuming that Russell just misspoke. Moreover, I can't imagine the tickets don't say "Gmund" on them, so I'm surprised Russell and Cindy didn't check. As they wait for the train to Gmund, Cindy and Russell admire someone's dog and have a sandwich. Tra-la-la, nothing to worry about. Just pet the dog; there's plenty of time.

Meanwhile, the lead pack is heading into Gmunden.

At almost 2:00 in the afternoon, AirSteve and Dave get off in what I guess is Vienna North, and they're told by the helpful desk guy that the train to Gmunden leaves from Vienna West.

Monica and Sheree haul ass up to the mat. (Didn't I take note of their foot speed in the first recap? I believe I did, not that I would ever gloat.) Welcome, Falconettes, you're team number two. They did fabulously well today. Almost no mistakes, including places where other teams made them. I do believe they've been underestimated, including by me.

At 2:10 in the Vienna East train station, Russell and Cindy are kicking around waiting for their train. They stop in to talk to a travel guy, who breaks the news that they don't want Gmund, they want Gmunden. Rescued from what was actually a worse fate than this, they grab a ride to the correct train station, with Cindy lamenting that they lost probably forty-five minutes on that little mix-up.

Welcome, Chipsters. You are team number three.

AirSteve and Dave have made their way to the right train station at last.

Welcome, Tian and Jaree. You are team number four.

Meanwhile, in the train station, Russell complains that "one guy's error" could cost them the game. Yeah. And the "one guy" is pretty much you, ass, since you were at the wrong train station to begin with and didn't check your ticket. As Cindy tries to think through train schedules and is working with a ticket guy, Russell harasses her, and she asks for a minute to think. He turns around, faces the camera, and makes a little "stupid bitch" face, for which he deserves a healthy kick in the teeth. She turns out to have it right, not that he cares.

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