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Millie's recovery is almost complete, as Chuck voices over what good, excellent guys Al and Jon are, and I totally agree. They came off as very sincere in that scene, and they seemed to do just the right things, as far as helping a little bit but mostly letting Millie, and to a lesser degree Chuck, handle it. They're clearly very good guys. And at least nobody balanced the inhaler on his face.

Remember AirSteve and Dave and that theory they had about Padua? Yeah, that was a really bad theory. They've made it as far as Padua, and there, they learn that the only way to get to Vienna is to go back through Venice. Seriously, if they really went to Padua on that guy's say-so without checking, that's just ridiculous. You never do that. Check at least twice! Second opinions always! Dave and AirSteve are rightly concerned that they've screwed themselves royally.

Al and Jon, Chuck and Millie, Steve and Josh, and Russell and Cindy are all buying tickets on the route through Verona. As Phil explains, they wind up an hour or so behind the lead crowd. Dave and AirSteve are on yet a third train that's another hour or so behind that one. The Amazing World Map tries to explain to us what's going on, but it leaves me completely confused. There's a new Amazing Orange Line...ack! I fear change! What is this new line? What will it expect from me? Sigh. It appears, though, that AirSteve and Dave have actually caught that 1:15 direct train from Venice to Vienna that the other teams determined was going to take way too long.

Pretty buildings loom in Vienna. At 6:37 PM that evening, the lead group arrives in the city. They spot the flag and dash over to it. This is for the sewer task, you'll recall, but the hours of operation don't start until 8:00 AM. Yet again, they have been bunched. Reichen -- apparently never having seen even the parts of the race in which he has participated -- says, "I can't believe this is happening." Dude, this always happens, so you don't need to get all pinchy-faced about it. The entire group is bummed, however, about not being able to go directly into the sewers, so they need a place to take a rest. Might as well get a hotel, too, considering that they're giving you almost five hundred bucks for the leg and it appears that nobody expects you to endure anything tougher than flying Coach anymore. Meanwhile, at 8:37 PM, the second train arrives with Millie and company. As if Vienna weren't cute enough already, it starts to snow. Aww. These folks find a hotel as well. Steve and Dave arrive at 9:04 PM and find a hotel. Well, there goes the significance of all the train stuff, I guess. Hope you enjoyed it, because now it's irrelevant.

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