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Finally, Rob and Kimberly find the post office. She rubs her face in frustration, and he hears her groan or something, because he says, "Kimberly, stop!" and this sets off an entire exchange about how she's allowed to be frustrated and shut up and stop it and boy, oh boy, do they sound like a couple of chickens pecking at each other. They could seriously be in The Music Man. They run into the post office and get their clue. Even reading the Detour options causes them to fight, and he's getting overly calm and patronizing, which you can tell she hates, and he tells her to chill out, which she also hates, and then as they're running to the car, he falls down. Awesome! I love it when really stressed people do physical comedy without meaning to. "What are you doing?" she asks angrily. "I just fell!" he says. I really would have liked it if he'd said, "I'm rolling around on the ground, genius, what do you think I'm doing?" They get in the car, and she thinks he threw the clue at her, and this is beyond delightful. I would be expected to mean that sarcastically, but I'm totally sincere.

The BQs land on the beach and use their map to head into the trees on the island.

Rob and Kimberly arrive at the salt, and they're pleased to see that other teams are there. They quickly see, though, that it looks like it's going to be a seriously bad deal. Over on the island, the BQs aren't having any great immediate luck with the hunt for the sails, either. But back at Salt, Kim tells Rob that with all these teams here, they'd have a good shot at doing well if they went to the other Detour. When he hesitates, she makes the call, and they leave. When they're gone, James wants to leave, too, but Tyler wants to persevere. They decide to leave too, though, so they take off, leaving the Expired Alliance alone at the Salt. Rather hilariously, at this same time, we see the BQs discussing whether to abandon the hunt on the island and go do the Salt. Yipes. I'm not sure I've ever seen both Detours being discussed as abandonable by different teams at the same time, let alone seen practically everyone hating whatever they chose.

Rob and Kim, then Tyler and James, hop into boats to go to the island.

Members of the Expired Alliance begin to have doubts about the Salt as well. The *wins are all about leaving, and so are the *lyns. But Dave doesn't want to leave, apparently on principle. "I'm not a quitter," he says. Ultimately, the *wins and *lyns take off together, and Dave and Mary are left as the only team doing the Salt. Mary assures us in a voice-over that she didn't have any hard feelings about the other two teams leaving without them. When the other teams are gone, Dave and Mary start bickering, and she says that they're "going to be the stupid couple that stays out here all night long and don't find the thing and then gets eliminated because of it."

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