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The *wins and *lyns land and start hunting. "I feel like Hansel and Gretel," Karlyn mutters. Hee. Meanwhile, Dave and Mary are getting into a boat to head out. They see the BQs, who exchange friendly greetings with them. The BQs note that of the Expired Alliance, Dave and Mary are the ones they like. "Last place, no doubt," Mary mutters defeatedly. There's not much doubt about whose fault she thinks that is, either. The BQs get back to shore and take off for the pit stop, just glad that their injured car will still run.

Tyler and James find the sails, and then the trap to fall into, and they also find it kind of hilarious. The *wins and *lyns haven't found it yet, but they're working together. And then, as Tyler and James are leaving in their boat, they see Dave and Mary landing. Mary is very much at her worst here, all "Listen to you and get lost," blaming him for everything. I have to say, she's the one who wanted to stick with the group, she's the one who went along with Salt against her better judgment... she can't really blame Dave for any of this, I don't think, but there she is anyway.

The Pointies and the A(AM!)s are on their way to the pit stop. Tyler and James trash talk the Expired Alliance a bit, which I forgive only because they were so far behind earlier in the day. I'm sure they're fairly surprised to find themselves in this position.

So the entire Expired Alliance finds itself reunited in the woods, hunting for the sails. It just doesn't seem like this alliance is helping them all very much.

BQs, Pointies, and A(AM!)s heading for the pit stop. They are all, of course, looking for "Chateau Bel Hombre," which is Span-French for "Pretty Cowboy House," if I'm not mistaken. As much fun as that sounds like, they're supposed to be looking for Chateau Bel Ombre. Rob and Kimberly get the bad news from a rather sexy gentleman with a British accent that they're going the wrong way, and they need to go back down the hill they've been climbing. I think I would just stop and have some tea with that guy, but they take his advice and head back down the hill. Meanwhile, the BQs arrive at the gates and then run to the mat, where Phil is waiting, Welcome, BQs, you are team number one. And you win a pair of scooters! Phil points out that the scooters are good on small streets or even on the highway, and they can carry a passenger. "So you guys can... take a date out if you want." "Can I take you, Phil?" Dustin asks. "Um," says Phil. Hey, you can't blame a girl for trying. He did kind of bait her, although my general rule against hitting on the host still applies. Dustin says they're very happy about having won a leg, and now it's one leg at a time. Well, that is how you'd get on the scooter, anyway.

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