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Welcome, A(AM!)s, you are team number two. "Back on top," they happily agree, even though it's... not true.

The Expired Alliance heads gets back to its boats and opens the pit stop clues.

Welcome, you pointy Pointies. You are team number three. Given the day they've had, they are very pleased. I am glad to see that with these two, as much as they fight, it doesn't seem to stick. It seems like once it's over, nobody's mad anymore.

Here comes the Expired Alliance. They're going to finish at the end, and one of them is going to be last. They basically know this. They all get into their cars to drive to the pit stop. In the *wins' car, Godwin points out that when they're approaching the pit stop, everybody's going to run, and it's going to have to be a "no hard feelings" situation, because what else would you do? Well, you'd do what Mary apparently wants to do as she says, "When I get parked, I'm going to wait on the Bama girls." Oy, Mary. In her car, Karlyn says she doesn't expect anyone to wait for her going to the pit stop -- she certainly wouldn't wait for them.

These teams seem to be asking for directions separately, at least some of the time, and eventually, the *lyns decide there's too much stopping, and they drive on ahead. Nobody takes offense, but it turns out that they're driving to the wrong place anyway. In all the driving around, Mary and Dave ultimately peel off of the other two teams. It turns out that the ones going the right way are... the *lyns and *wins, who are at the Chateau Bel Ombre, when Mary and Dave are... not, so much.

In the footrace to the mat, the *wins get there first, so they are team number four. A very unhappy Lyn and Karlyn follow, and they are team number five. Phil comments that they "look a little beaten up." Karlyn says, "Well, we know six is next, and we know who six is." Aww.

Indeed, six is Dave and Mary, who are straggling into the pit stop as they have a way of doing. Welcome, Dave and Mary. You are the last team to arrive. But... you are not eliminated. Again. You are subject to the same penalty as last time, which is that if you're not first, you have a 30-minute penalty. "We can come back," Mary insists. Phil calls it their "second chance," and I do believe it's actually... their third chance. We observe a group hug among the Expired Alliance. "There's no doubt in my mind, we've got an alliance to go to the final three," she says. Oh, Mary. Mary, Mary, I fear you are going to get your heart broken, Mary. I know you won't show it, and I know you will say you understand, but I know your little heart will break. And then you and David will be Coalminer And Wife Who's Sorry She Ever Ventured Out Into The Big Mean World, and I just don't know what I'll do about that.

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