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Rob and Kimberly continue to mangle the pronunciation, but they find out the same thing about tickets that everyone else has. Rob is surprised by the London connection, too. He asks what the other teams got, and the guy explains that they got these same tickets, so Rob takes them as well. A whole herd can't be wrong!

4:10 AM. Lyn and Karlyn. Karlyn is the first to say she thinks she's heard of it, and it's "a beautiful place." The fact that it's a vacation-ish, resort-ish kind of place suggests that she may be right that she's remembering the right place, so one point for Karlyn's geography knowledge. She goes on to say in an interview that she likes the alliance they're in, but she draws the line at anything that would hurt their chances in the race -- in other words, she's not going to lie down and let somebody go ahead of her. And to that, I say: right on. She follows this with an interesting comment that she tells the other teams in the group not to put themselves to any disadvantage for her, because she wouldn't do it for them. In fact, that's kind of my one rule for alliances if you actually want to stay friends with people and you insist on creating "alliances" with them in the first place. If you're going to have one, you have to make sure everybody is playing by the same rules, which they're not, really, in this case. That's how people wind up getting their feelings hurt -- Mary thinks they have one kind of alliance, and Karlyn thinks they have a different kind of alliance.

4:16 AM. *wins. Erwin interviews that their thought about giving the FF to Dave and Mary is that they might get "a gain later on." He says the more you help other people, the more they're going to help you back. Ha ha ha! Yeah. Nice idea, and it might work on Mary, but that's because she's Mary, and she lives in a very different world than a lot of the rest of the world does. She has a whole weird set of rules where meanness to your husband is over here, and meanness to other people is over there, and how you feel about those two things is absolutely unrelated.

At the airport, Dustin says to Kandice of the ticket guys, "These guys are not the brightest bulbs, so I think we should go... " Kandice is embarrassed that Dustin is saying this about a yard away from the bulbs in question, so she glances at them nervously and shushes. When Dustin tells one of the bulbs she's going to go talk to other people about tickets, he helpfully tells her where to go, but not in the way I'm thinking he'd probably like to. Seriously, girl, you can keep looking without acting like it's because only stupid people work at the Kuwait airport. It's particularly disappointing that someone who has probably been inaccurately referred to as stupid herself wouldn't have learned not to throw that around. Because you know who a lot of people think aren't the brightest bulbs? Miss America contestants.

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