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When the *lyns get to the airport, they run into Dave and Mary, and Mary directs them up the stairs to the ticket counter. When the *wins get there, Mary tells them not to worry too much, because the flight's not leaving for a while. Mary reports that everyone is already at the airport except for James and Tyler.

4:55 AM. Tyler and James, who get "Mauritius" right on the first try. Clearly, it has something to do with drugs or modeling. They do not, however, know where it is. That would tend to suggest it has to do with drugs. In an interview, Tyler says that he thinks the alliance business is "a house of cards," because ultimately, they're all out for themselves, and it's kind of got to break down sometime.

Dustin and Kandice find yet another counter, and Kandice says again that they're trying to get to "Morr-IT-ee-us," which I find hilarious, because apparently, none of the guys at the previous counter felt that it was worth their while to help her with the pronunciation, as people often will. Wonder why that happened. When this guy, too, tells them that it's going to be the connection through London, Dustin is like, "That's the quickest?" Now that she's heard it twice, she finally agrees to buy the tickets. Don't get me wrong -- I have no problem with her skepticism about having to connect through London, and I don't blame her at all for checking with more than one person. What was obnoxious was her assumption that the problem was that other people were clearly stupid. I think this is a team that could use a little bit of a humility check, which they haven't had too much of. I think they'd be better off if they came in last or something. Not that they haven't come in almost last a couple of times. Maybe humility doesn't stick to them. Maybe they just feel like they're blessed to be in the top ten, well ahead of Miss Delaware.

So Lyn and Karlyn come and stand in line behind the BQs. Meanwhile, Tyler and James arrive at the airport and head for the ticket counter. When they pop their heads inside the little office where the BQs and *lyns are waiting, the BQs greet them. Lyn and Karlyn are sitting on the ground waiting, and Tyler and James are standing there waiting, and Kandice says to the ticket agent, "You know what, for these guys right here, can we get them on the 8:00 AM with us?" Lyn and Karlyn immediately protest that you can't book flights for other teams. Tyler points out that nobody's buying tickets for anyone else. In an interview, Kandice says that this was specifically "not in [their] best interests" to help the guys, but they were trying to get rid of the *lyns. Dustin says they've felt tension with the *lyns throughout the race -- and you'll remember, Karlyn actually physically pushed them in the last leg. I would, I'd point out, love to see what would have happened if someone pushed Karlyn the way she pushed someone else last week, you know? Because I think there would be quite a dust-up. Dustin goes on to say the *lyns are not warm, and they "don't give anyone on this race the warm fuzzies." It's curious, because I think she knows about their alliance, but I think she's referring to the other teams that remain, as well as probably some of the teams that have left.

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