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The ticket guy hands the BQs their tickets, and the says, "He's with you?" "They're with us," the BQs confirm. The *lyns protest, saying that they are next. Kandice says simply that the boys are with them. The *lyns insist that the guys are not with the *lyns and that the *lyns are next. Karlyn is not, I'm quite sure, making a lot of points with the ticket guy by leaning over the counter to argue so aggressively that she has her hands between him and his computer screen. "She's being really pushy right now," one of the BQs notes, and Karlyn raises her voice, insisting that she's not the one being pushy when the BQs just put the boys in line ahead of them. "Well, we're helping them out," Kandice says simply. "You can't do that," Lyn snaps, her voice substantially more elevated than anyone else's, and I think that's what's making the ticket guy not like her, if I were guessing. Poor Ticket Joe is pretty much the only one I feel sorry for, because he's getting yelled at by Karlyn and prodded by the BQs, and the only thing he wants is in the world right now is for all of these people to leave.

Meanwhile, of course, the *wins find another ticket counter, which kind of makes the entire other smackdown look stupid. They get the same tickets through London as everyone else. As the BQs walk away from the confrontation with the *lyns, Dustin says that she doesn't really care, because she can't miss a friendship with the *lyns that wasn't there to begin with. See? "They didn't like us first!" It's the saddest kind of arguing.

Karlyn has decided not to drop the argument, but to continue to argue with Ticket Joe. "Do you think that was right for them to push them in front of us, and you... you do what you need to do." Ticket Joe keeps working. "If you can live with that on your conscience." Live with... what? Giving somebody else tickets before you? You're asking Ticket Joe whether he can live with giving one set of people he doesn't know tickets before another set of people he doesn't know? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Ticket Joe will survive. Five minutes after you're gone, he's not going to care, because his day is not about your problems. It's about serving you, but it's not about things that have nothing to do with his job, of which your position in a competition is one. Tyler takes offense, I think, at the way Karlyn is taking this out on Ticket Joe, and he says, "You guys are trippin'." "If it was reversed, though," Karlyn quite rightly points out as Lyn stands at the counter, looking like she wants to be swallowed by the carpet. Tyler tries to talk: "They didn't -- they didn't -- " He clearly intends to finish with repeating that the BQs didn't actually buy their tickets. Karlyn cuts Tyler off by waving her hands right in his face, continuing with her "If it was reversed, though." Because Karlyn is waving her hands in his face, which is disrespectful and which Karlyn would hate if it happened to her, Tyler makes the incredibly mature decision to wave his hands back at her while repeating that the BQs didn't buy their tickets -- thus, I think, not actually violating the rules. Karlyn just wants Tyler to admit that he'd be mad if the situation were reversed, and he says he would be, of course, but he'd "have to swallow the pill." When the boys continue talking, Karlyn turns away from them and puts her hand up over her shoulder, palm facing them, all, "I'm not listening to you."

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