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This is just so transparent, you know? Karlyn is angry because she's frustrated and can't do anything, and because she doesn't think it's fair, and even though the BQs are the ones who are more in the wrong, the BQs aren't there, so she's taking it out on everybody else. Tyler, on the other hand, knows that what he's doing is kind of sketchy, so he feels defensive and doesn't want to hear about it, so he's overreacting right back. They're both wrong. Ta-da!

Tyler can't drop it any more than Karlyn can, of course, and he says, "It's so stupid, it's like idiot banter." Yow. Rather ridiculously, Karlyn takes the tack of suggesting he is the only one making this all happen: "If you didn't do anything wrong, why are you talking about it?" MAN, I hate it when people do that. They attack you, and then when you say anything in return, they're like, "I'm done. I've dropped it. Why aren't you dropping it?" That is the most infuriating fucking thing... I don't blame him for being pissed off at this point. He's talking about it, Karlyn, because you started a fight about it by harassing Ticket Joe, and then by waving your hands at him, and yelling at everybody. Karlyn can claim a lot of things about this argument, but certainly not that he was the only one who kept it going. Sticking your hand in someone's face to make them stop talking doesn't constitute trying to gracefully end an argument, in case she hasn't noticed. What I love is that Lyn leans over and says to Tyler, "Then why be an idiot and join the banter?" Hee. See, Karlyn should leave the arguing to Lyn, who knows how to conserve her resources and wait for her one good opportunity. And then Tyler goes into this "yap yap yap" motion with his hands, which isn't even particularly accurate or funny, and up to this point, I kind of felt like he was more in the right, but now, they just both suck and need to shut up. What's fascinating to me is his next comment: "This is the most you've talked the whole trip, so whatever." Karlyn is still repeating her "if you're not worried about it" mantra. And then she, after holding up her hand in his face and repeatedly questioning him about why he's still talking, says that he can't tell her not to talk. "I can say what the hell I want to say," she says. "Say something smart, then." I certainly don't think his behavior during that discussion gives him any room to advocate intelligent conversation, but I will say that she was being really obnoxious, and I really think her efforts to make it some kind of moral showdown with Ticket Joe were what started that entire thing.

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