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The *lyns and BQs are getting in their cars as well. Karlyn wants to drive out to the street and see if someone knows where this boat is. "So we're not waiting on Mary and Dave?" Lyn asks. "No," Karlyn says. "We don't have time to 'wait.'" Mary, on the other hand, is headed out to the parking lot and telling Dave they need to find their group. The BQs think the clue is "cool." The Pointies are out and driving. The BQs think they might be able to ask some guys who are standing around whether they know what the boat is. The Pointies are right behind them. Dave comments that he and Mary are waiting on the *wins, who now emerge -- last, as usual -- from the airport. Meanwhile, Lyn is out on the road stopping to talk to a guy who tells her that the boat is on the north side of Grand Bais. When Dustin gets directions, she seems to think "Grand Bais" is something called "Grumby." The surliest clay toy ever, no doubt. Rob and Kimberly have no idea what the guy said, but they're following the BQs. The *wins and Dave and Mary find out from the same guys that the boat is at Grand Bais. Mary reminds us as she and Dave drive that she's afraid of fish. Dave, on the other hand, says that he's afraid of water in general, because when he was five years old, his cousin got the genius idea of throwing him in a lake to "teach" him to swim. This has "traumatized" him about swimming. Mary calls his a pretty common "rite of passage" where they're from, throwing kids in the water to make them swim. Sounds like a great idea. I also like to throw them through windshields to make them wear seatbelts, and I've heard that if you throw them out of trees, they can learn to fly. What do you think made Phil the person he is today?

Tyler and James know they're looking for a boat, but other than that, they have no idea what they're doing. I'm not sure this was a great plan, myself. Elsewhere, Lyn is saying she wished they'd had a way of letting Mary and Dave and the *wins know that they left, presumably in case they're still waiting. "Why?" Karlyn asks, totally baffled. "Just courtesy," Lyn says. That's kind of what I meant about having common rules. You don't want one team thinking they're going ahead and other teams thinking you're waiting for each other, unless you want a very unhappy alliance very quickly.

The BQs are enjoying the scenery, but they are not enjoying the fact that they're being followed around by the Pointies. Meanwhile, Kimberly is wondering how much the BQs are willing to help them. Heh. Nice contrast. I'd say, not much. Rob is skeptical, returning to the theme of the week, which is that "it's pretty much everybody for themselves." The *wins have caught up to the Pointies, and they notice that Kim doesn't look too happy to see them. Dave and Mary, obviously, are very happy to see everyone.

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