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The BQs find the monument, and the clue they pull tells them to hunt for the pit stop -- or so we're told. There's a Roadblock that's fairly obviously removed here, in that you can kind of tell that (1) the first clue box is right by a little rowboat, and (2) the clue box we then cut to is in a different place. So we kind of bend space and time, and then they put down their packs and go to find the mat. They find it, they run to it, and they are greeted by Phil. Hey, you're team number one! They celebrate, and Phil says they've won a trip for two to Puerto Rico. Free golf and spa! Rainforest tour! And the bioluminescent bay! Dustin waggles her fingers and mutters "glow in the dark" to let you know she totally knows what that means! Phil asks them yet again about their claim that they want to be the first "girl team" to win the show, and they say they just need to be consistent and focused. And, of course, they need to remember what "bioluminescent" means.

Uchenna and Joyce land in Warsaw at 11:02 AM, meaning that delay missing the flight cost them about two hours. They get a taxi, but they have trouble communicating with their driver from the very beginning, and things look grim.

Danny and Oswald reach the pianos. Danny immediately sits down and plays a bar or two of "Heart and Soul," and Oswald is shocked. He interviews that he had no idea Danny could play the piano, even after 13 years of friendship. They use the wedge to find the right string, but from there, it's very difficult. People always told me knowing "Heart and Soul" didn't make you a pianist, but I never believed it until now.

Mirna and Charla are at the clue box, and they read the Detour clue as "Perfect Angel or Perfect Pitch." It's too bad it's not "perfect angel," because if it were, they would have already done it, just by being themselves all day. They conclude that carrying the mannequin might be hard, so they're off to try the pianos, a concept Charla demonstrates by waggling her fingers to indicate piano playing. It reminds me that I really have nothing against Charla, with rare exceptions of the type found in almost anyone. Charla is not the problem. Frankly, they came very close to a Detour called "Perfect Angel or Perfect Bitch," which not only would have worked, but is a new series I'm pitching, and if you get in my way, I will cut you.

Danny twists the tuning tool way too hard and snaps the string clean in two. This means it has to be replaced, and that means a delay. "Maybe we should have carried a mannequin," Oswald admits good-naturedly.

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