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Uchenna and Joyce have been brought somewhere, but it's not where they're supposed to be. They run inside this building and start hunting around. Joyce insists that she hears music, but when she opens a door, Uchenna can't help pointing out that she just opened door to a toilet. You can't make that up, folks. She heard the music of the potty. She continues to insist she hears music, so they keep looking. Uchenna really thinks they're in the wrong place, but Joyce is totally tuned out. What's dopey is that they're at a music school, so the fact that she can hear music doesn't really prove anything, you know? You can be at the airport and run around on the tarmac yelling, "I hear airplanes!" and it probably won't help you.

Charla and Mirna arrive at the pianos as Danny and Oswald are being restrung. My favorite part is that while they're watching the demonstration, Mirna decides that the wedge, used to isolate which string is off, is just for scraping randomly across the strings, like to clear off dust. Indeed, when Mirna starts working on the piano, she doesn't have a clue how to do it, because she didn't pay any attention. "One of these is probably loose," she says. "Why don't we just turn them all?" Oh, Mirna. Why indeed? If I'm understanding this task correctly and the demonstration correctly (which I might not be), the reason not to turn them all is that you're being asked to tune one string to be the same as two other reference strings. If you turn them all, then all three strings are not in tune, and you don't even have a point of reference anymore. For that reason, I suspect that Mirna and Charla are doomed as soon as they (1) don't figure out that you need to isolate the string using the wedge, and (2) decide to turn all the strings. I'm not sure there's any coming back from that combination of mistakes.

Uchenna and Joyce learn that they are indeed in the wrong place. They get back in their cab.

Charla and Mirna have, as you'd think based on their technique, managed to make their piano key sound worse, not better. Nevertheless, they call the pianist over, even with the key sounding completely, utterly horrible. ("Sounds good to me!" Mirna offers gamely, like she's tasting the beef-ladyfinger trifle on Friends.) He sits down to give it a try, but he gives the big head-shake. They try to force him to come back, with Mirna insisting "that noise was pretty," but when he starts again, he just stops, same as before.

Uchenna and Joyce find Fauxpin. Joyce also reads "angle" as "angel." Either way, they go with the piano. On the way to the Detour, Uchenna mentions that they don't really have any idea where the other teams might be, and they haven't seen anyone for almost 24 hours.

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