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If I Were In Town, I Would Ask For Your Number

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Danny and Oswald break another string. Ay, dios mio! Oswald wonders if they should give up. Mirna wonders whether they should quit, too. Neither team wants to leave, but both are incredibly frustrated.

When we get back from commercials, we see that little sequence again, and then Charla tells Mirna that their key "sounds like an ambulance is coming." Hee. Meanwhile, Danny and Oswald finally get theirs to a point where... okay, it's not in tune, but it's way more in tune. They did the right steps; they just didn't maybe do them exactly the right amount. When the guy plays it, it's... pretty out of tune, really, but he gives them the clue. They're ecstatic, and they smother the pianist with hugs. "If I were in town, I would ask for your number," Oswald says. And he would, too, he's not just saying that. "Good job, guys," Charla offers, and Danny encourages her to "stick to it." Outside, Danny and Oswald happily rejoin their driver. "We missed you!" they tell him. In the cab, they agree that the piano player was cute. Or, as Danny puts it, "eye candy."

Mirna and Charla decide to give up on the pianos. I think the problem is that they didn't carefully watch the demonstration, which is sort of consistent with their manic style of racing. All of Mirna's energy is directed outward, so it's hard for her to absorb what other people are saying. They get a cab for the Escada boutique, fretting about other teams catching up. Speaking of which, Uchenna and Joyce are getting to the pianos. Mirna complains in her cab about having to do this task, given the bad experiences they're having talking to people on the street. They get to the Escada boutique and choose a mannequin, although they can't figure out why all the mannequins are men. Apparently, "sex sells" means to them that they'd catch more flies with a naked lady? Whatever. They carry the mannequin out into the street, and now they're crazy, obnoxious Americans carrying a mannequin, which makes them even less approachable. When they get outside, they talk to a policeman, and then there's a cut, and there's him saying "no," but it's rather difficult to tell what actually happened. "Anybody speak English?" Mirna hollers. I can't imagine why that's not working. They finally put down their mannequin, and Mirna says she doesn't want to be around "these people," because they're so mean.

Danny and Oswald arrive at the monument, read the clue, and find their way to the mat. Welcome! You are team number two. They're so happy that they have to hug each other.

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