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Knight Of The Sausages

Mirna continues yelling for an English speaker, and a young woman eventually steps forward. She knows where the lab they need is located, and she agrees to go along. Mirna decides to carry the mannequin on her back, which causes his leg to break inside his jeans, making him look like they picked him up at an accident reconstruction. And then a hand falls off. Finally, they arrive at their destination, just as their mannequin's case of leprosy worsens. They get inside and lay Resusci-Andy on the table. Mirna shoos Charla out of the room as Charla is trying to -- I'm not kidding -- cover the mannequin's delicate reproductive organs with a radiation-proof apron. Because if they don't, he might lose the ability to have Fisher-Price dolls someday.

Uchenna and Joyce are done with the piano. They get their clue. In the cab, they agree that this was just about the first thing to go quickly all day.

Mirna and Charla are trying to get their clue from the X-ray, but it's the wrong angle, so all they're seeing are tweezers and scissors. Which are... inside the mannequin? Yes, I guess they are. I'm not sure whether he just got really hungry, or whether his surgery was incompetently performed. Finally, Charla has the idea of turning him sideways for the next X-ray.

Uchenna and Joyce find the monument, then they find Phil. Welcome, Uchenna and Joyce, you are team number three.

Mirna and Charla finally manage to decipher the clue from the X-ray. They leave and get a cab. And then we are with them as Mirna complains that it doesn't seem like anyone could have had a worse day.

Ironic cut! Here are Eric and Pink and Team Guido in Frankfurt, looking to connect to Warsaw. Needless to say, they have had a much worse day. Joe essentially says "this sucks" as they all get on the plane. He's more articulate, but the point is there.

Mirna and Charla. The clue. The mat. Phil. Welcome, you are team number four.

Finally, the two trailing teams make it to Warsaw, where Eric notes that they're running just about 12 hours behind schedule.

Hey, guess what! The BQs are starting the next leg, as of 10:54 PM. The clue tells them that they're headed for the concentration camp at Auschwitz. Phil explains, as a sad violin plays, that this is... well, that it is what it is. It's Auschwitz. And you have to find a monument to the resistance movement first, where you'll get a ticket on one of two charters that are four hours apart, and those charter buses will take them to Auschwitz. The BQs reach the conclusion that this "is gonna be sad." Yeah. I think it's safe to say this will be the non-hilarity-filled portion of the recap.

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