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Knight Of The Sausages

Team Guido gets a cab in Warsaw before Eric and Pink, so Eric and Pink follow.

The BQs are looking, presumably, for the monument they seek. When they get there, they get the bad news that the first charter doesn't leave until 1:00 PM. Therefore, they are losing about 12 hours right here. They're getting screwed, and then they're getting on a bus. That's not a good night.

Eric and Pink and Team Guido both babble about their stress levels as they approach the castle. The teams are neck and neck! "This is nuts," Pink tells us.

When we get back from commercials, Eric and Pink and Team Guido are... still in nearly a tie. When they finally arrive at the palace, they all run toward Fauxpin, who is -- seriously -- still out on the lawn playing the piano in the middle of the stinking night. The pianist is getting overtime. They pull the Detour clue, and Bill and Joe choose the mannequin, while Eric and Pink choose the piano. Finally, Fauxpin gets to go to bed. Poor thing. The teams head for their various Detour options. Eric and Pink arrive quickly at the palace and observe the tuner giving his demonstration. Bill and Joe spot the Escada boutique and run inside. Joe instructs Bill to select the "hunkiest" mannequin, of all the... identical plastic men. On the other hand, who among us hasn't done that, really? Bill carries him -- the mannequin, not Joe -- as they head out the door. They head off on a quick walk to the lab, while at the piano thing, Eric and Pink make their first unsuccessful attempt at tuning and checking their key. At the lab, Joe tells Bill to feel the mannequin all over, including the pecs, which are "kind of like yours now." You know, I'm not sure "you feel just like this plastic thing" is typically considered a high compliment. Eric fiddles with the piano again, and while it's getting closer, and I'm not sure it's not almost as close as Danny and Oswald's was, they don't get a pass. Bill and Joe's first X-ray comes back negative for clues. Eric now is making the piano key worse, so at least they know what direction to go.

1:06 AM. Danny and Oswald, setting out on the next leg. When they've read the Auschwitz clue and are walking with their heads down, Oswald says that he thinks that this is going to be "incredibly difficult." "It's going to be a very emotional day," Danny agrees. They reach the bus thing and learn that they're not leaving until 1:00 PM.

Piano place. As Pink watches the demonstration again, Eric snaps a string on the piano. "How'd you break a string?" Pink asks him. "'Cause I was tightening it," he says helpfully. Joe and Bill prop up their mannequin to get a sideways X-ray. Eric and Pink are starting to wonder whether they need to change Detours. Their string gets fixed. Guido flips over the mannequin to the other side. Eric fiddles with the string. Guido finds nothing. Eric and Pink's pianist gives them the clue, and they leave. In the cab, Eric just hopes that it took Team Guido even longer. Meanwhile, Team Guido finally finds the clue in the X-ray. Thank goodness. They get going. Fortunately, their cab driver knows the way.

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