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Teams! Driving! Is this it? Is this it? The first to the clue box... is Eric and Pink. Welcome, Eric and Pink, you are team number five. Phil asks them if they're losing confidence, and Eric says they don't feel bad about their performance, but they need to catch up if they're going to make progress.

Bill and Joe find the monument, although it takes them a little time to even track down the clue box.

2:26 AM. Uchenna and Joyce leave. Uchenna interviews that this will be "very poignant."

Finally, Bill and Joe get the clue. They head for the mat. "We had a good time," Joe says, anticipating the worst. "We did our best," says Bill. Phil tells them that they are the last team to arrive. That is the bad news. The good news is that... they are not eliminated. Although they are now "marked for elimination," have to come in first or serve a penalty... you know the drill. Joe gives Phil a smooch on the cheek for this good news. Phil encourages Joe to "kiss [Bill] instead," which Joe does. Hey, Joe's approach is very military. Phil tells him to kiss Bill, and he kisses Bill. Phil tells them that they'll have to work hard to escape the back of the pack. Joe interviews that it's not easy to make up 12 or 14 hours -- they know this from their first race, when they were behind by even more than that. Ouch. They do not want that edit again.

So that concludes your first half.

4:50 AM. Charla and Mirna open their clue. They, too, immediately deduce that going to Auschwitz is going to be pretty rough. On this, we all agree.

Uchenna and Joyce find tickets for the first charter bus, so they're pretty happy about that. When Charla and Mirna get there, they learn that they're on bus two. Meaning that Charla and Mirna, who started this leg way ahead, have already squandered the entirety of their lead and will be tied with Guido. "Hopefully, we'll catch up with everybody soon," Mirna says.

The next day at 1:00 PM, the BQs, Danny and Oswald, and Uchenna and Joyce are heading for the bus. They hop on and roll away from the curb. On the bus, these teams are feeling pretty good about their four-hour lead, and about the fact that Mirna and Eric are not on their bus. The last part is inferred.

At 1:50 PM, Eric and Pink leave. And yes, that means they were doing the Detour in seriously the middle of the night, which further suggests to me that the field producers (or whoever) were well aware that this had gotten screwed up to a fare-thee-well, and were desperately trying to avoid putting anybody an entire day behind, which is also why the front teams had to wait so damn long for their bus. Eric complains to us in an interview that Pink isn't as "focused" as he'd like. I'm sure she feels very bad about that. He calls himself "a very intense person," which is, as we know, reality-show for "jerkweed." They pull their 5:00 PM tickets. She wants to have a cup of coffee while they're waiting, but he instructs her that they're not going to spend the money on it. Apparently, he is the keeper of the money, and she gets nothing unless he gives it to her. He explains to us that he doesn't treat her like a girlfriend in this context, but like a partner. God forbid you should confuse those two things at the wrong moment. You might wind up kissing a boy! As they lounge around in a lobby, she tells him she doesn't think he should make her feel guilty about a simple cup of coffee. He tells her they "have a budget." He interviews that "two dollars makes a difference," but back in their conversation, she tells him that if they're ever short two dollars, she'll beg for two dollars to make up for the coffee. She might have just... begged for the two dollars now, you know? He tells her to shut up, but she isn't happy about "being ignored." She interviews that she doesn't like having to argue every tiny point with him, and then she tells him that he's making things "more miserable" than necessary. "You make it so unenjoyable," she says. That's what you want in a boyfriend, I think. They go back and forth with him saying "shut up" and her saying "grow up," and I just don't think I've ever seen two kids so much in love, you know?

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