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The teams exit in taxis, as Uchenna talks about how this makes him think about what's important. Oswald is sort of stunned and shaken, talking about how he grew up in a very repressive country "deprived of any freedom." He says that he was reminded how differently the rest of his life could have gone. He says it makes him very glad to be gone from Cuba. "Where I don't have to worry about... expressing who I am as a person." Danny puts an arm around him. You want to know how messed up the world is? Of all the people on this race, Oswald is sitting here being grateful just to be able to express who he is. Who Oswald is. This person of such grace and kindness and peace and good humor, and out of all these people, there's a good chance that he's among the most likely to be punished for what his heart contains, both in the past and now. There are people, still, who would look at Oswald and say, "This is what's wrong with the world. This is what's eroding my society, what's threatening my family, what God abhors, what must be stopped if my way of life is to survive." Not meanness, not greed, not violence or small-mindedness or any of that. Just... Oswald, you know? I'm sorry, I try to be respectful, but I will never get it.

Deep breath.

Phil explains that the teams are now traveling 40 miles by taxi to Juliusz Slowacki Theatre, where they will find another clue. In a blink, the teams are arriving. Specifically, Oswald and Danny and Uchenna and Joyce are nearby, while Dustin and Kandice's driver is asking someone for help. They wind up switching cabs, losing confidence in the driver they had. Their new driver seems better, and they're glad they weren't stuck racing for last place.

But the news for the BQs is not good, because Danny and Oswald and Joyce and Uchenna are reaching a clue box that says, "Intersection." I hate Intersection, dude, and not just because it involves sharing. If you recall, the Intersection requires you to hook up with another team, which means that another team has to be there. You then complete the next task with that team. The two lead teams decide to go for the Fast Forward, which gets rid of that opportunity for Guido to get past the non-elimination penalty. The Fast Forward requires them to climb the stairs in two towers, add the number of steps together, and give their answer. They're off to climb stairs. And in the cab, Uchenna talks about the fact that the BQs are completely hosed, because they're going to have to wait for another team to work with, meaning they have to wait for the bus that's four hours behind. So the BQs just lost a very, very big lead waiting for the bus they were on, and now they're losing four hours to the Intersection. I just don't like how this leg is designed at all.

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