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It's light outside all of a sudden, because Joyce and Uchenna are leaving at 7:55 AM. Oh, dear. Now Uchenna will think he made the sun come out by being a good person. There's $121 available for this leg, as it turns out. Historically, the money people like palindrome amounts, so maybe it's a return to form. Uchenna says that their "spirit was definitely lifted" by surviving their non-elimination penalty. He then explains that having good times together helps a couple to grow. He just wanted you to know that. Free life lesson. No charge. As usual, he and Joyce think that this whole thing is going to be great for their relationship. As they walk, Joyce says they're headed for a South African Airways office that they saw, which is pretty convenient.

8:00 AM. BQs. As they run for a taxi, Dustin excitedly says, "We're going to get to see Chopin playing the piano!" Kandice says, "For real?" And Dustin is sort of sad about having to say, "Well... he's dead." I was not sad, however. I was highly amused, and I tried not to be amused in a mean way, since I'm working on liking them. Dustin interviews that on this race, everyone knows how to work angles, so her tricks aren't as effective, because other people have tricks, too. Vomiting when necessary, for instance. (Spoiler!) (Believe it or not.) One or the other of them observes that at this point in the race, you have to "step it up" or you'll be out. That speech, as you know, is written on cave walls next to drawings of primitive clue envelopes.

When Uchenna and Joyce get to the South African Airways office, they find that it doesn't open for a bit, so they're not able to immediately work on flights. Meanwhile, Oswald and Danny and Charla and Mirna get to a travel agency that is expected to open soon, and that has absolutely no idea what it's in for. The BQs appear at this same place. Over at the South African Airways office, Joyce is saying she thinks they should call the travel agency while they're waiting. So when the travel agency opens and lets the three teams that are waiting into the office, they all obediently follow and sit down. Just as the staff is settling in, the phone rings. Unsurprisingly, it's Uchenna, asking about flights to Warsaw. The other teams gather that this might be the case, and when the lady writes down Uchenna's name, they realize they're right. Dustin asks the woman to please have the people on the phone call back, since she has appeared in person and would like to be helped first. It is indeed true that (1) in-person customers have a legitimate priority over phone customers in my vision of service; and (2) the other teams technically saw the customer service lady first, since they were waiting outside when the place opened. I think Dustin is probably in the right here. The way she says it is firm but friendly, and she stops short of being rude while still asking for what she wants. It's a skill many people, not to mention many racers, could stand to acquire. Uchenna starts asking the lady what the person looks like who he can hear asking her to hang up, and he asks if there's a little person with her. In case you're wrong, it would be hard to ask that without leading with, "I know this sounds like a weird question." He then tells the woman that the person asking her to hang up is a competitor. I love it when people drag that out, like the lady is going to care. "Well, I never!" she will say, just before slapping Dustin with a glove. Dustin, unfazed, pantomimes hanging up, as does Mirna behind her. They win when the woman tells Uchenna he will need to call back and hangs up.

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