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Knight Of The Sausages

Phil explains that the task is a Detour between two tasks involving food, so the pairs of teams have to choose between Eat It Up and Roll It Out. In Eat It Up, you go to a market, and each person on your team has to form a three-inch sausage link. When they're done, each person will have to eat two feet of cooked sausage, which is... quite a lot. Not four pounds, probably, but quite a lot. In Roll It Out, you head for the old Jewish quarter, where you find a bakery and roll out 20 bagels, which you then deliver a quarter of a mile. So really, the choice is between eating and rolling. Kandice tells Charla and Mirna that they think the sausage will be good, because they can all eat. This surprised me a little, because... why not just go roll the bagels? Rather than cope with something that might make you sick, and might even leave you at less than 100 percent during the next leg? Mirna hesitates, saying she's not a great volume eater. But the one time I wish she'd be more stubborn, she backs down, saying she'll do whatever they want, and the BQs want to do the sausage. So, sausage it is. They run off and hop in cabs.

Eric and Pink and Team Guido meet up at the Intersection. Team Guido leans toward sausage, but Pink isn't sure she can eat that much, so they decide to go with the bagels. In the cab, Eric explains that this is a pretty good deal, because they're sticking with Guido, and Guido can't beat them by half an hour if they're together the whole time. It's a good point, and sad for Team Guido, and why putting this after a non-elimination seems a little bit stupid to me.

Charla and Mirna and the BQs find the market where the sausage is. Inside, Mirna seems to be going for suggestive humor, saying that the sausage is really something, coming right on the heels of the naked mannequin. Heh. Work the sausage, Mirna! Work the sausage! Elsewhere, a Star of David informs us that we are in the Jewish quarter with Guido and Eric and Pink, hunting for the bagel task. Unfortunately, when they all bail out of the cab, they're having no luck finding what they're looking for. Eric explains that the drivers didn't really come from Krakow; they came from near Auschwitz, so they didn't really know where they were going. I have to think that for this, stopping long enough to get an address would have been smarter than hoping the cab driver would know the way.

The BQs and Charla and Mirna work on their sausages, with everyone in apparent good humor. I'm sure it won't last, but it's nice to see teams getting along. Sausages bring all the girls to the yard.

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