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The BQs move over to another desk, while Oswald and Danny hang out with Charla and Mirna at the desk they all landed at first. Everyone explains that they need to go to Warsaw, and they need to do better than 11:25 AM as an arrival time. Mirna also leans down and gets right up in the face of the person who's trying to help her and tells her not to share any information with the BQs. "Do you understand, my sister?" Mirna asks. It's nice to know she's temporarily stopped talking like a Madeline Kahn character and is now talking like Marvin Gaye. Oswald interviews, basically, that Mirna likes to talk all the time, so he and Danny sit back and let her talk, because that's what makes her happy, and they just want everyone to be happy. As we watch teams work with travel agents, Dustin interviews that Charla and Mirna are very rude in the way they lean across the desk and invade everyone's personal space. Dustin and I are of one mind on this point. She says that she's seen people really react badly and only get more "frazzled" when Mirna does this, which is very true. The hovering thing is both rude and inefficient, which is two reasons to stop it. Demonstrating the point like her quirks are a refrigerator and she's one of Bob Barker's beauties, Mirna tells her ticket agent to keep checking, waving her arm and impatiently ordering her to "concentrate." Well, now she'll definitely try extra-hard.

Meanwhile, at South African Airways, Uchenna and Joyce are going to try to get their flight booked, because they're not hot on wrestling the giant throng at the Mob Rule Travel Agency. They get their nice lady started on reservations.

Back at the Mob Rule Travel Agency, Mirna and friends are offered a flight arriving at noon. So... not so much, with that one. Dustin is reviewing routes on a map, and Oswald comments that it's "like a spy game." The BQs' lady checks on a flight through Addis Ababa. From there to Frankfurt, then to Warsaw. And that route, it turns out, gets in the next day at 9:10 AM, well ahead of the alternative. When Mirna and Charla get wind of the booking that the BQs are getting, they learn that the flight is all full. Not fast enough! Yell louder! She's only a travel agent; what's she going to do to you? You should kick her! The BQs, on the other hand, are confirmed and on their way. Might this have something to do with the completely different ways that the women in this room approach service employees? I think it might. "So we have nothing right now," Mirna confirms. "Nothing," her lady agrees. Looks good on her, especially since she's wearing her "This Is What Cool Looks Like" shirt. I think she's struggling with the fact that a shirt saluting how hot or cool you are is only funny if you don't actually think you're both hot and cool, in the manner of the McDLT.

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