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The BQs grab a taxi to the airport. They're very relieved to be getting into Warsaw a couple of hours ahead of any other route they know of right now. At the Mob Rule Travel Agency, Mirna is chuckling and complaining about her heart attack and her need for "emergency help." I think she and I would disagree about the type of doctor she requires, as I imagine she's envisioning more gentle massages and I'm envisioning more butterfly nets. We return to the BQs as they arrive at Zanzibar International Airport. They check in and head for the plane, which leaves at 12:30. The Amazing World Map helps Phil remind us of their Addis-Ababa-Frankfurt-Warsaw route. The Mob Rule Travel Agency crew notes that they've now been sitting there for four hours. But because they can't buy tickets at the Zanzibar airport, they might as well hang out and wait for a better offer. Uchenna and Joyce have also been at South African Airways for four hours, also with no luck. But wait! They are told of a route through Johannesburg, then to Frankfurt, then to Warsaw. It's the same Frankfurt-Warsaw flight as the BQs, most likely, since it's arriving at 9:10. They will take it, and they're told to pick up their tickets in Frankfurt for the last leg of the trip. Mob Rule Travel Agency still has no love for Mirna and her friends. It's hard to believe they don't have tickets, when Mirna told the lady to concentrate. What is with people?

Oh, hey, at 3:15 PM, it's time for Eric and Pink to leave the mat. Disorienting! Pink tells us that the whole thing is "testing [their] relationship," because the "extreme situations" are causing them to "argue a little bit." By which she means, "I kind of never knew he was this putzy until I got to know him." Believe me, lady, I've been there. She says that she doesn't think it's fair that Eric is "snippy" anytime she expresses her opinion. I concur, Pink. Don't you take that lying down. So to speak. And also literally. Eric has to explain to her where Warsaw is, though, so she's not off to the best possible start in terms of making contributions. They get in a cab, and she indicates her braids, telling him she looks "like a little Polish girl." Eric says she doesn't look Polish, and she insists Polish girls are blondes. He's not sure how she knows what Polish girls look like if she didn't know where Warsaw is located. At the Mob Rule Travel Agency, Mirna still has nothing but contempt for the travel agent.

Uchenna and Joyce board their flight at Zanzibar airport. At 3:20 PM, they leave for Johannesburg.

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