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Eric and Pink arrive at the Mob Rule Travel Agency. Inside, Danny and Oswald and Mirna and Charla break the news that they've already been here for seven hours. Yikes. Can you imagine having Mirna inside your place of business for seven hours? I think that technically qualifies under international law as a siege. Eric asks if they've found anything better than the 11:25 arrival, and Mirna turns around and extravagantly snots sarcastically that of course, there are better flights, and they decided to turn them down just to wait for Eric. I think she misunderstood the question just a little, because I think he was trying to find out whether it was a matter of no space, or a matter of no flights, or what. Eric suggests to Pink that they look for another travel agency, but she's not sure how much good that's going to do. Outside on the sidewalk, she gets a little more assertive and says she isn't sure where it is he wants to go. He's sure there's another travel agency in Zanzibar; she's not so sure. He finally says they can stay, just as she's saying they can go. He stomps back inside. "It's like talking to a five-year-old," she comments as she follows him. "Come on, baby," she says, and it's not the nice kind of "baby." It's the pacifier kind. They continue to bicker right into the taxi. He tells her everything turns into an argument, she tells him to grow up... you get the picture. They're a great couple. "Your personality is absolutely irritating; I don't know where it came from," she says. It's a little late to be this surprised, since one place his personality came from is the last time he was on television, which she theoretically saw.

Mob Rule Travel Agency. The agent has good news at last -- something has just opened up that goes through Amsterdam and arrives in Warsaw at 9:45 AM. Not as good as the BQs got, but better than 11:25, certainly. Mirna and Charla and Danny and Oswald all get tickets and leave for the airport. The travel agency bolts the doors, grabs some tea, and talks for six solid hours about how obnoxious Mirna was. By evening, the neighborhood is leafleted with her picture, encouraging no one to allow her admittance.

Eric and Pink have, in fact, found another travel agency. They give the information about wanting to get to Warsaw. Everything they're looking at, however, is full. There isn't a lot of time for dallying, so they give up and head for the airport to use the flight that's already reserved. Sometimes, you just have to love the one you're with.

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