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Back from commercials, we relive that great moment once again, but Joe eventually gives up and comes inside. "We have to be about three days behind the other teams now," Eric comments. Meanwhile, Joe is getting a talking-to. "I'm telling you right now, temper," Bill says. "I'm not proud of that." Wow. Bill went kind of disappointed-dad there. That was scary. But Joe understands. "Fine. I'm glad you're not proud of it," he mutters, because it's all he can think of. Poor Joe. Got just a little carried away there. Eric and Pink give an interview in which they get in touch with their sad feelings, and then the teams learn that the first flight out is at 6:00 AM, then share a van to a hotel. Once they get there, they have a discussion in which they all agree that they'll just meet up in the morning and go to the airport together. In spite of all their old trust issues, the teams shake hands and agree to meet at around 4:30. But not before Eric tells us how Bill and Joe are "nervous nellies." Interestingly, I don't think he means that as rude as it could be. I think that while "nellies" is... what it is, this particular thing may be something where if you didn't already know he said "old ladies" and so forth, you wouldn't notice it. At any rate, I assume the idea of this agreement is that it keeps everybody from having to stay up all night or sleep in the lobby or what have you.

Frankfurt. The BQs get off their flight. Uchenna and Joyce follow shortly thereafter, and they're sent to the Lufthansa transfer desk first, where the BQs already are. Uchenna and Joyce are told that they'd better head directly to the gate, so I assume time is a-wasting. Dustin and Kandice board the flight, but when Uchenna and Joyce get there, they are told that it's too late and they won't make the flight. They beg and plead, but there's no way. Instead, the BQs leave alone. Beauty is so isolating.

In the morning, the Guidos and Eric and Pink, who have all apparently abided by their agreement, buy their tickets on a 6:30 AM flight to Mombasa (in Kenya), then Frankfurt, and then they'll get to Warsaw, finally. At long last, the trailing teams board an actual flight. Pink is relieved just to be getting on a plane, where she will at least have a bag available to throw up in if Eric's personality becomes colorful.

Hey, Warsaw! Good to see you! You have colorful street performers, some of whom are wearing armor! Apparently in case of angry fans! At 9:07 AM, the BQs land at, as it happens, Frederic Chopin Airport. They hustle for a cab to the palace. They ask the driver to go quickly, and he tells them "I'm on it," and they choose to drop it. Because they're not assholes, Mirna. Dustin tells us that she's excited about the piano business, because she played piano herself since she was a kid, and she claims that she really liked Chopin. Which I think is kind of like when Clay Aiken tells the girls in every city that he likes the girls in that city the best, but there's nothing wrong with flattery, even if you're flattering a dead Polish composer. She says she'll pretend it's the real Chopin, just like "meeting Santa Claus." I'm not sure what's funny about meeting Santa Claus. I've met Santa Claus. Hello, I used to live near the Mall of America. What's her point?

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