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Chip and Kim? Not so much. "Taxi!" they yell as they leave the water park. In the SUV, Brandon wonders aloud whether any of the teams will fail to read the clue and just get cabs, considering that he almost did. Cut to...Chip and Kim, getting into their cab. Nooooo!

Linda and Karen finish up the water slide. As Linda enthusiastically calls out to Karen, "Are you coming?," and Karen hurries along, we slide over to a shot of their Amazing Purse, sitting next to a sign that says, "Contestant Bag Drop Only." So that answers one question about what they do with their bags during tasks, at least sometimes. Yeah, the bag? She is dropped but good. Moreover, Karen tells Linda to get a cab, but Karen, like Nicole, takes note of the directions at the last minute and notes that they say to drive yourself to the airport. Getting one thing right and one thing quite wrong, they pile into their vehicle and take off without the Amazing Purse.

Colin and Christie conquer the water slide, and they head out in their SUV. The Twinkies do the same. Oh, and they're "Currently in Last Place." I know you are surprised. How can this be?

We watch all the teams working their way to the airport in their cars -- well, except Chip and Kim, who are in their cab. As Kim peruses all of their documentation -- I predict she's reading the fine print about where to park the McSUV at the airport, which is what causes her to figure it out -- she realizes that they're supposed to drive themselves to the airport. She urgently tells the cab driver to go back.

In other news of disaster, Karen starts to look around the back seat for the Amazing Purse and doesn't see it. "Linda, do you have the bag?" she asks. "No," Linda says. Wow, I certainly hope they have somebody who's specifically in charge of always knowing where the bag is, because this is not something you want to see happen. We cut back to the bag, still waiting by the bag drop sign, as the Moms realize that they're going to have to...go back. "It's got our passports in it," Karen says. "Noooo," Linda whines, putting her hand to her head in a great prophetic glimpse of whining to come. They turn back.

Brandon and Nicole are approaching the airport, while Colin and Christie are already there. Inside, Colin asks about the fastest way to Calcutta. He learns that there are no Dubai-Calcutta direct flights (which sort of surprises me), and that the only way to get there is to fly through Mumbai. As Brandon and Nicole enter the airport, Colin learns that the first connection out of Mumbai is on Jet Airways, and it will arrive in Calcutta at 9:30 AM. Next into the airport, surprisingly enough, are the Twinkies -- benefiting from the fact that not one but two teams previously ahead of them had to turn back. You know, if every team in front of them could get, like, eaten by bears, they would totally win.

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