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Weeping and whaling

Out in the street, Teri and Ian grab a cab. Well, actually, Ian gets a cab first, and apparently Teri's a little too slow leaping to his side, because he looks over at her, points at the ground, and says, "Teri, COME." Yes, you've seen that move before. Yes, it was while watching people call their dogs. And you know what? At my parents' house, we don't do that to their dog unless he's already refused several polite requests. So he's not merely treating his wife like a dog. He's treating her like a bad dog. Why she puts up with this is a complete mystery to me, but she apparently does. This is actually creeper than Wil and Tara, because at least they knew their situation was unfortunate. Apparently, this is the way these people always imagined marriage would be. Lovely.

Flo and Zach are on the bike. He runs it into a tree just a little, at which point she hops off and refuses to get back on until he has things righted. She voices over that she's probably not been very nice to him during the race, so she does appreciate his patience. She sounds remarkably sane. She calls the entire trip a "stressful, dirty date." Ah, yes. The best kind. She gets back on the bike at last, and they're on their way again.

Jill and John Vito have also arrived at the Detour, and they too go for the bikes and take off riding.

Teri and Ian arrive at the rooftop pit stop. Congratulations, Asshat, you are team number one. And the only positive thing I can say about that is that it is only thirty-nine minutes into the show, and I don't have to watch you for one minute longer this week. What's funny is that they both start to awkwardly shake hands with each other when they're told they're number one, and then they both apparently decide that it will look weird if they don't hug, which they then do. Phil tells them that for winning this leg, they've both won Easy-Share cameras that they will be able to throw at each other when the race is over. Wearing his diplomatic face, Phil asks them to comment on their strategy. Teri, apparently unaware that they are taped at times other than at the pit stops, tells him that while she and Ian may bicker and "talk nasty," they ultimately pull together. Of course, Ian made it clear earlier in the leg that he knows absolutely nothing about pulling together, so she's...just wrong. Oh, and Ian says, "We're a team," which is diametrically opposed to both his "I'm the pilot" remark and his "when I make a decision, it's a decision" remark. Phil is briefly shown looking at them with an expression that says exactly the following: "I am too polite to laugh out loud in your face." Asshat is officially my least favorite team on this show ever. Yes, they're worse than Wil and Tara. At least Wil and Tara were mildly amusing, in a train-wreck sort of way. This just hurts to watch.

FloZach takes the rubbing of the clue. Flo, overly nervous as usual, is immediately upset by her inability to understand the clue. Dude. It's in Arabic. Calm down and get it read to you. They take off, and Jill and John Vito are on their way shortly thereafter, and finish the rubbing in a jiff. FloZach has the clue translated for them, and now that they understand it's a café, Flo manages to chill. They get a taxi, and the driver tells them it's about fifteen minutes to the café.

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