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Weeping and whaling

The Aahab cab gets them to the Detour, and they take the bike, which Aaron refers to as "the sand things."

4:45 PM. The rooftop of the Café Glacier opens, and the bunched Firecop, twins, Bald Snark, JVJ, and FloZach all charge for the clue. Unsurprisingly, it is time for this week's Roadblock. The task this week involves snail-selling. Specifically, you have to team up with a local street vendor and help him set up his stand, and then you have to personally sell five bowls of snails, which apparently make a nice snack, once you get over the fact that they're snails. No discounts, either -- you have to sell them at full price.

The Roadblock is taken by Gerard, Flo, Jill, Andre, and Derek. There is much frenetic snail-cart assembly footage, and then it's time for the hard sell. The seller is supplied with an attractive white coat (apparently, the international symbol for My Snails Are Healthy And Sanitary, Despite Their Appearance).

Aahab drives the sand bike straight into a ditch. Aaron complains that he crashed it because Arianne was screaming like a girl. I'm not sure I really believe that's why he crashed, but I suppose it's not worth worrying over now.

Back in snail-land, various approaches to selling are attempted. Jill asks how to beckon customers in Arabic, while Andre just flat-out begs for help from the crowd. Heh. I can understand that. "One bowl! You don't have to eat it!" he yells. Heh, again. Flo and Jill yell to each other as they work. It's clear that one of the challenges here is that there are now five of them selling the same thing at the same time within a very short distance, so from a business perspective, it's partly just a matter of distinguishing yourself from numerous extremely local competitors. Oh, and also they're selling snails. Which are made of snails.

Aahab finishes the Detour, and it looks pretty dark already. It is not looking good for Aahab.

Gerard says "Si" to one of his customers. Bzzzt! Heh. Eventually, though, once he dons the little white cap that seems to be the other part of the uniform, he starts to move the merchandise. Flo bubbles over with enthusiasm in thanking her customers. "I love you! I love you!" she yells. You know, she just needs to stop screaming in general, and I have a feeling I might like her a lot better. Derek is running behind, but the white hat seems to be the charm for him, too. Andre finishes first, and the route info directs him to the Riad Catalina. Phil re-explains that this is the pit stop, almost as if he didn't already do that when Asshat got the Fast Forward. Thanks, Phil. They do provide the crucial dramatic shot of the Amazing Mat. Look! The mat! It will be someone's undoing! Look at the mat! Anyway, back on the streets of Marrakech, Andre retrieves Damon, and they set off toward the pit stop in first place.

Jill finishes next, and she tears across the street through traffic to return to John Bon Vito. Somebody screams, "Watch out for that car, Jill!" but it's hard to tell who it is. She grabs her sweetie, and they head out. As he congratulates her on what a good job she did, she bubbles over with excitement. "I was tawking in Arabic! He tawt me how to tawk in Arabic!" It's so easy to talk about how cute she is, and how tough she is, and how nice he is when he talks about her, but...really, it's just nice how happy they always seem when they talk to each other. I'm sure they're not really always this happy, and I'm sure they have spats that we don't see because blah blah blah editing, but honestly, if you look at the way she was all excited about having done this, and you look at the way he was all excited about stopping the soccer ball with his face, the relationship just starts to look very good. There's such a huge difference between teams who seem to be made up of two individual people whose primary goal is to make sure everyone knows that anything bad that happens was not their fault (which is what Ian and Teri are like, and was also what Wil and Tara were like) and teams whose primary goal is to do well as a team, and don't seem like they would ever even bother getting into whose fault it is when something goes wrong. That's how Jill and John Vito seem to be, and I like it so much better.

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