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Weeping and whaling

Firecop takes off in the Corruption Cab.

Gerard is next to finish the Detour, and listening to Ken loudly congratulate him almost makes me think that Ken was the one who yelled at Jill not to get squished by a car. Gerard is especially funny running through the traffic to get back to the café -- it reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger. Or, actually, he could have gone "whoop whoop whoop" as he dodged the cars, and that would have fit also. Zach cheers on Flo as she finishes selling, while Drew wonders why Derek is dragging. Derek does finally finish up, though, so now everyone is on the way to the pit stop. Gerard and Ken get in a cab, as do John Vito and Jill. Derek and Drew are initially told they can walk, but when they hear it's a ten-minute walk, they look for a cab anyway, followed by FloZach. Taxi race!

Hmm. Firecop is being driven out into an area that looks nothing like the city they were in. This is starting to look suspiciously like that Brady Bunch episode with the ghost town. Let's get the jail key using Dad's belt! You know, it's hard to say whether Firecop should have done something differently here -- on the one hand, you'd certainly think they could have at least found out from someone that the pit stop was in town before they took off, which might have given them a bit more warning that as soon as they wound up driving off into Nowhereland, they were in trouble. On the other hand, racers have traditionally done just what they did -- ask the driver if he knows where it is, and if he does, you just trust him. Furthermore, you have to wonder whether it would have helped for them to protest anyway. At that point, if you're being taken, what are you going to do? Get out of the cab and stand on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere? That's not to even mention, how brazen is this cabbie to pull this with a team that has a camera crew with them? I mean, I find it hard to believe the driver was just confused, because he seemed to specifically deliver them to these other town residents who then led him all over the place despite having no idea what they were talking about, so it just seems impossible that this wasn't a giant scam. To do it with the camera and sound guys handy? Surprising.

Aahab finishes the Detour, finally. In their cab on the way to the café, Arianne notes that they must have gained some time on the other teams, because the café didn't open until 4:45. It looks pretty sunset-y by the time they're on the way from the Detour to the café, though. They insist that it's still "anybody's game." Ha! Not.

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