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Weeping and whaling

As Asshat walks into the mosque, Ian says to Teri again, just as patronizingly as last time, "I want him to stay here." He goes on, "When I make a decision, it's a decision. That's it." So apparently, she isn't to question him when he says something. Teri snaps back, "We're a team." No response on his part is shown. God, I cannot stand them. And don't give me editing, and don't give me "characters," and don't give me "they're probably perfectly nice in other contexts." That was just ridiculous behavior throughout that entire scene.

Back at the FloZach car, she's still unhappy. "It's not nice to yell at me like that...I'm not...he's not my..." Unable to finish her thought, Flo sighs and gets in the car. Heh. I thought that was sort of funny for some reason. But damn, that is one whiny whine she has there.

Asshat pulls the clue and checks on the Fast Forward. Phil explains it. You know, I'm almost so mad about that last Teri and Ian scene that I don't even feel the merriment of Phil's customary Fast Forward lecture, and that is serious. I don't even get a visceral thrill out of "most advantageous to go for it." Damn you, Team Asshat. Phil explains that in this Fast Forward, the teams have to go to a rug shop in Marrakech and search through all the rugs until they find the one that's marked with the Fast Forward symbol.

BoB+F arrives at the train station. There's a train for Marrakech leaving in about ten minutes, so they are in luck. All three of these teams make the 9:10 train just as FloZach comes into the station, not quite managing to work their way into the first bunch. Poor FloZach really doesn't appear to miss this train by much more than a couple of minutes. But hey, they'll just have to roll with the punches! Ride with the tide! Go with the...yeah, never mind.

Commercials. Come to me, MSN butterfly. I will pull off your wings and pin you to a sheet of Styrofoam. I only got a B+ on my sixth grade insect display. I want to do better.

Casablanca train station! Casablanca! Train! Station! Damn, the editors need some sleep or something. Whatever they're taking, it's not healthy. Ease up on the fast-motion footage, people, because I'm getting even dizzier than usual. In the station, Zach reminds us that he and Flo have just missed the 9:10 train (the clock shot makes it look like they got there at around 9:20), and they know that BoB+F is on it. Zach says that there isn't another train until 11:10, so they're stuck cooling their heels in Casablanca until then. Meanwhile, Asshat shows up, and Teri is a few steps ahead of Ian. "Let's go. Let's go," she says, in a tone that's rather pushy, but certainly not as pushy as the one he would employ if the situation were reversed. Nevertheless, he absurdly adopts this tone of voice he clearly thinks is terribly ominous. "Stop talking to me like that, Teri, or I'm going to blow." Oooh, stand aside! Pepe Le Pew is back, and boy, is he mad! Seriously, Ian? Next time you want to intimidate your wife, try it without the cartoon hat. Inside, they talk to Zach, inquiring about Jill and John Vito. "Nowhere to be found," Zach says simply.

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