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Cut to JVJ, speeding along the highway in their first-runner-up car, which has taken the crown after their original car was unable to fulfill its duties. Maybe it was the discovery of the naked pictures of the original car that forced it to step down. Anyway, John Vito notes that they're not crazy about being in second-to-last place, but Jill, as usual, is looking for the up side. "We've been in the back before; we're professionals," she notes with a smile. "Yeah," he says uncertainly. "We're professionals at movin' up," she repeats. You know, if I ever have to, say, move a piano alone, I'm calling up Jill and having her talk me through it. (Me: "Er, Jill, scooting this piano across the floor is taking me forever!" Jill: "Why don't you just throw it? It would be a lot faster!")

Aahab, meanwhile, is starting out for Casablanca. They stop at a gas station. Maybe this time they'll fill the tank with Diet Pepsi. Okay, probably not. This time, they're not there to destroy their vehicle. Oh no! They are, in fact, there at this particular Morocco Shell station to get a map. Arianne opines from the back seat that being in the front of the pack was fun, and being in the back is less fun. Thanks, Arianne. She explains, though, that she has complete faith in Aaron, and because they work together so brilliantly well (their recent repeated poor showings notwithstanding), she's sure that's all they need. Welcome to their one redeeming quality, which is that they like each other. And that's nice. And fine. And I want them to go do it somewhere besides on my television.

At the train station, it appears that Flo has been trying to convince Zach to go for the FF, and he doesn't want to. He encourages her to think about it some more. She explains her thinking, which is that Teri and Ian are right behind them, so she's extremely nervous about Philimination. I actually think Fast Forward theory is almost impossible to completely get right -- I think the obvious times to go for one are when you can't do a task for some reason and when you're substantially behind, but beyond that, it's very hard to tell what's the right guess, in part because it can really depend on what other people are doing. Zach quite correctly points out to Flo, though, that if they can survive the leg and beat out Asshat, they'll be in a much better position, because they'll still have the FF. I'm surprised that Zach isn't also using Aahab as an argument -- in other words, that he isn't saying, "We don't even have to beat Teri and Ian, because Aaron and Arianne are way behind us."

Meanwhile, Asshat has a similar conversation about the FF, only with less respect and more wacky pizzicato Strings Of Sinister Plotting. Ian says that he'd rather go for the FF, while Teri says that if they do that, they'll only "cut [their] throats for later." He's having none of it, though, and I think you know whose opinion will wind up controlling the outcome. Incidentally, this scene appears in my next instructional video, Fast Forward Theory For Authoritarians and Passive-Aggressives.

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