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Weeping and whaling

Back to FloZach. He stresses that he thinks they can beat Teri and Ian without the FF. Flo replies, "Even if we beat Teri and Ian, John and Jill can beat us." Now wait a second, there. As long as you're not last, you're all right. Doesn't matter if John and Jill beat you. And again, I ask, what about Aahab? Think with me, Flo. They decide to wait and see whether Jill and John Vito show up and make the 11:10 before they make a decision about the FF, and I do think that's smart -- you want to know as much as possible about who's where before you decide what to do.

JVJ, meanwhile, grab the clue at the mosque and head for the train station. When they're in the car, John Bon Vito says that they've decided to go for the FF, because Jill doesn't want to take any chances. Interestingly, somewhat contrary to her recent assertion that they make all the decisions together, John Vito says that Jill's been making the decisions lately, and she's been right, so he's going with her. He says in an interview that it's because of Jill that they've gotten as far as they have. Aw. They arrive at the train station, much to the consternation of FloZach, who are happy to see them in the hi-guys-we-love-you sense, but unhappy to see them in the we-sort-of-hoped-you-were-stuck-three-hours-behind-us sense. Flo asks them what the heck happened, and John Vito says that as Teri and Ian passed the caravan, JVJ's "radiator exploded." Heh. When JVJ are off buying their tickets (oh, hello, John Vito's arm!), Flo says that she and Zach need to secure their place in the race, which I guess means she still wants to go for the FF. Zach asks her what they should say if JVJ asks whether they're going for it. "Let me answer it," she episode-titles. "I'm a much better liar than you."

Ian spots Jill and John Vito, and points out to Teri that now, the FF will be taken -- if at all -- by JVJ, Asshat, FloZach, or Aahab. Speaking of Aahab, we get a glimpse of them at the mosque, grabbing their clue. (Incidentally, for a girl who just recovered from that horrible pink "Lower East Side" shirt, I think she looks like a million bucks today, in a white shirt and jeans and a long red shawl and her hair in an arrangement that doesn't look like it would need spray cement or scaffolding or flying buttresses.) Then, back at the train station, Ian stops making noise about complex Fast Forward theory and owns up to the fact that basically, he wants to take it because he's out of steam and isn't confident that he can finish the leg successfully. At least that's what I took from the comment, "I'm trying to tell you I'm a little on the tired side...that's why maybe we should take the Fast Forward."

Aahab is on the road to the train station. Arianne remarks that they're hoping the FF will be there waiting for them when they get to Marrakech. It's a chipper enough remark, but of course, she says it in that...that horrible accent she has. What is that? Is that mall talk? I cannot abide that affected speech pattern. Yeech.

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