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Asshat, FloZach, and JVJ all hop on the 11:10 to Marrakech. In spite of Aaron's exhortations to Arianne to "hustle, baby," they don't make the same train as the other teams. When they reach the station, everyone is gone. Wow, and I was sure "hustle, baby" would work.

The BoB+F train approaches Marrakech. The twins discuss the fact that Firecop is hanging on with BoB at this point, and so far, it hasn't been a big issue. It hasn't hurt either of the teams in the BoB alliance, so they don't care that much. The Amazing Yellow Line moves on The Amazing World Map from Casablanca to Marrakech. Gosh, that's not a very long trip for the AYL. Actually, I think this is such an intracountry leg that the AYL is having the most boring week ever. The train arrives in Marrakech, and the folks disembark. You'll recall that now, they have to make their way to the Palmerie, so they all grab taxis. Ken and Gerard's taxi makes a light that the Firecop and the twin cabs miss, so the three get separated. Derek explains in an interview that their agreement with Ken and Gerard is that they work together and share information (flights, et cetera) on the long parts of the leg, but when you're doing the ground travel with the roadblocks and detours, it's every brother for himself, so to speak.

The Bald Snark reaches the Detour. Phil explains that a Detour is a choice between three tasks, one of which is entirely bad, one of which is entirely good, and one of which you have to do naked. Okay, not really. Two tasks, pros and cons. This week's Detour is called "Now You See It, Now You Don't," which is a really, really, really stupid name for a Detour -- not that that should surprise me at this point. A rapid-fire set of horse shots leads us into the explanation of the Now You See It option, in which you ride a horse to an easy-to-spot route marker and dig in the sand for pottery with the clue painted on it. In Now You Don't, you ride an ATV across the sand, and you have to follow a marked path to a route marker that's more difficult to spot. When you get there, you have to make a rubbing of the clue, which is carved into a rock. It's pretty much a Tortoise/Hare, in the sense that the digging could be very fast or very slow. But it's got a strange twist, in that the Hare option is, ironically, the one that involves the speedy bike. Moreover, in pure Tortoise/Hare detours, there isn't a complication like the marked route that also makes the Hare option one you could potentially screw up. Ken and Gerard initially want to ride the bike, but when they learn that it's a five-speed, they decide that might be a little bit complicated, and they bail in favor of the horses, which have automatic transmissions. Derek and Drew approach with Firecop. Both the twins and Firecop pick the bikes.

Ken and Gerard clamber somewhat ungracefully up onto their horses. A particularly funny shot of one of the horses gives him the chance for his big close-up in which he shows his teeth. Clearly, the horse is thinking, surprisingly enough, not "who is this clown climbing on my back," but instead, "Get me, I'm on television!" Ken complains that he is too fat for the horse, but the horses really are not impressed. Kenny then orders his horse to go in the direction of the clue. "Go to the flag!" he yells. "TO THE FLAG!" Heh. Shades of Shecky the Comedy Camel. Well, if Shecky had listened when Kevin and Drew yelled at him.

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