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Third bus. Fran and Barry decide -- get this -- that because the motorcycle was too hard, they shouldn't once again try to do the mental task (!), so they're going to do the climb. They fail to recognize that the motorcycle was the complicated mental task up against a simple, non-physical task that just took longer. That Detour was Tortoise/Hare, where the mental task was the Hare; this is Tortoise/Hare, where the mental task is the Tortoise. They didn't err by picking a mental task last week; they erred by picking a very hard mental task they didn't know anything about. Boiling sugar water isn't hard. You've got to watch the show enough to know that almost always, one of the tasks is not one that anyone is going to wind up unable to do. It might take a while, but you'll be able to do it eventually. Climbing with ascenders is not that task. Neither was assembling a motorcycle engine. Get it, Fran and Barry?

At any rate, Lake and Michelle pick the Climb, as do Dani and Danielle, but Joni and Lisa take the sugar. As the teams drive off in their Beetles, Lisa complains to Joni that the car sucks, and that she can only drive it by keeping the clutch in all the time. She pressures Joni to tell her where to go, because she's only in charge of the driving. She grinds the gears as she frets that they had a deal that she would drive and Joni would navigate, and she can't do both. This is not going well for them. Killer Fatigue should not be hitting in the second leg.

Commercials. I'm not sure that Failure To Launch is really what I'm looking for in a date movie. I could list the reasons, but that would add a page and a half to the recap. Suffice it to say that they start with my inability to identify with Sarah Jessica Parker, ever, to the point where usually, I want whatever character she's playing to wind up unhappy.

When we return, Lisa and Joni are still struggling to figure out where they're going. They stop and ask a guy for directions, and it seems like he's helpful.

BJ and Tyler are hunting for the pit stop, as are MoJo and Eric and Jeremy. In fact, Eric and Jeremy and Danielle and Dani pass each other going in opposite directions. "I hope our girls do good," Jeremy says. "I hope they don't get eliminated," Eric contributes. "Then what are we going to do?" Jeremy continues. "Hook up with hippies?" I tell you, women drop dead from the force of their orgasms. I am not joking. These guys are a health hazard. They are a danger to the community. Get the orange cones, get the yellow police tape, and stop them before any more women are injured. This is a public health crisis.

The Choad family is reunited and finds a guy to follow to the pit stop. MoJo is snagging some directions as well.

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