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Sugar, sugar

Elsewhere, Dave and Lori have arrived at the plantation to do the Press It thing. Hilariously, the show keeps cutting to these incredibly severe-looking people in white coats and goggles who are apparently in charge of distilling ethanol, but who look like the undead. I have no idea why somebody decided to make the sugar scientists look menacing. Dave and Lori start grabbing sugar cane stalks, noting that they have to squeeze the juice out of fifteen stalks. They start feeding the first stalk through the crusher, which is a little bit like a manual pasta machine that you operate with a crank. They finish the first stalk and go to the next.

Ray and Yolanda find the waterfall. Wanda and Desiree find the plantation, realizing that they initially went the wrong direction and missed it the first time. Ray goes up on the ascender; Dave and Lori finish the sugar juice. As several of the EEFPs pointed out, there's a step missing here where the juice they squeezed gets swapped out for the fermented version you need in order to make ethanol, because otherwise, the next part of the Detour would have taken weeks. At any rate, they put fermented juice onto a Bunsen burner and light it. "The spirit of Mr. Wizard is with us right now," Dave comments. As they're finishing that up, Wanda and Desiree are arriving. Mom cranks the first stalk.

Ray finishes the climb. Yolanda starts, as Ray interviews that Yolanda's legs are stronger than his. She does have those really powerful-looking legs. Maybe she'll kick Eric later. Back at the other Detour, Dave says it's "kind of nerve-wracking" watching the ethanol drip into the beaker one drop at a time. Finally, those drops add up to a full beaker, and Dave and Lori wish Wanda and Desiree luck as they finally leave with their container of ethanol. They pour it into the VW and open the clue about driving to the pit stop. Over at Climb It, Yolanda finishes climbing, and they leave for the pit stop as well. Wanda and Desiree finish extracting the juice and sit down at the burner. "This is karma for all the times that I passed out in chemistry class," Desiree notes. I hope she's talking about the falling-asleep kind of passing out, because if you're just randomly losing consciousness during school, that is something you ought to have looked at, even if it is happening during chemistry class, which I admit is as good a time as any.

Fran and Barry are on their way to the waterfall. Fran says, "We're better at climbing than figuring out how to turn raw sugar cane into ethanol." You know, I haven't seen the wording of the clue or anything, but I somehow doubt that they would make you essentially invent ethanol. I'm not sure if they didn't read that clue very well, or if they interpreted it stupidly, but everyone else seems to have understood that you just had to do the process; you didn't have to figure out what the process was. Lake and Michelle are on their way to the waterfall as well. Danielle and Dani find themselves stuck behind a truck. Lisa and Joni are having much less fun than anyone, even the sugar scientists, and Lisa is complaining hard about how much the driving is killing her. She's also explaining out loud that it's ridiculous to think they would or could enjoy the scenery right now. Which is a shame, because it really is very pretty, all green and pastoral. Instead, she's thinking she might pass out from the exhaust fumes. Not that you can't simultaneously enjoy scenery and pollution.

Finally, Wanda and Desiree finish with their ethanol, get their clue, pour the ethanol into their car, and leave.

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