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As Fran and Barry drive toward the pit stop, their car spontaneously drops dead. Lake and Michelle, on the other hand, find a guy to guide them to the pit stop. Fran and Barry try to push-start their car, and while they're doing that, Danielle and Dani come across and pass them. "We like Barry and Fran, but this is -- it's a race," Dani says. Which has a nice combination of not being overly gloaty while not pretending to be particularly sorry to see somebody broken down when you know you're in the back part of the pack. The fact of the matter is that anyone would be relieved, and lying would just be unseemly. "We're done," Barry says. "What a way to get eliminated," Fran says. Two weeks, two declarations that they're sure to be eliminated. This is already so, so old.

Lisa and Joni finish with the ethanol and leave for the pit stop.

Lake and Michelle's guy has to pull in and stop for gas, which does not make Lake happy at all. I'm not sure very much does make Lake happy, other than a root canal.

Dani and Danielle get directions.

Fran and Barry get a replacement car, as Phil voices over that the rule is, as always, that a car that breaks down for reasons that aren't your fault, you can get a new one, but you don't get a time credit. Bad luck is bad luck, and because they don't give time credits for other pieces of bad luck, they can't really correct for this, which I totally agree with. You happen to have your car break down just like you happen to have your plane break down, and sometimes, things go bad and it isn't your fault.

Now, Fran and Barry and Lisa and Joni are both on their way to the pit stop, and they seem to be the stragglers of the day.

Danielle and Dani and Lake and Michelle are arriving at the pit stop at almost the same time. The cars stop, and both teams hop out. For whatever reason, Lake and Michelle get there first, although the sequence isn't really edited to show you why that happened. But anyway, they are team number seven, while Danielle and Dani are team number eight. To his credit, Lake is perfectly happy with being seventh and does not throw a moody fit. At least about this.

Later, it is dark, and both of the remaining teams are hunting for the pit stop. While the suspense is being cranked up as much as possible, Fran and Barry's car appears to have the blue of early evening outside, while Joni and Lisa's car has the blackness of total nighttime outside. So it is no surprise to me when Fran and Barry arrive at the pit stop in ninth place. Their exuberance at still being in the race is nice, but I really, really want to hear them stop complaining that they're eliminated all the time.

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