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And here, at last, are Lisa and Joni. Lisa is fretting over not being able to drive the car, and Joni is telling her not to worry about it -- it was both of them, together. They step up and are Philiminated. Lisa does not take this well, and she breaks down crying immediately. "I wanted to do this so bad," she says, and Joni tells her that they did do it. Lisa outs herself as a fan of the show who has always wanted to try it, and I feel for her in that regard. Joni tells her not to worry about it. Lisa interviews that Joni was great giving her encouragement, and Joni interviews that they had a wonderful experience, and "there's no way a million dollars could ever buy that."

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Moscow! Awesome! Nesting dolls. Dancers. Wanda apparently struggles with a deep-water Roadblock. Nooo!

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