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Joseph finishes the rappel. "Okay, babe, let's go," she says. A-ha! They are the "babe" team. There's always one. At least. BJ finishes the rappel, and they leave. Lake rappels. "Hay-ll, yeah!" he cries. SHUT. UP. Yolanda hollers for Ray as he rappels. Lake is the next to finish, and then Ray, so those teams are on their way. Lake and Michelle are traveling via bus rather than taxi, which is an interesting choice. I sure hope nothing goes wrong! Lori cheers for a rappelling Dave, who is slightly ahead of a now-rappelling Desiree. This is all kind of like recapping challenges on Survivor, by the way: "This happens. That happens." I can't really help it unless I start making things up. Which, come to think of it, wouldn't be a bad idea. Anyway, on the roof, Danielle is beginning to flip out a little bit about the rappel.

Dave, then Desiree complete the Roadblock, and both their teams take off.

Danielle tells us that she hates heights, which...would seem to make this not the best Roadblock for her, but I wonder if they did it based on their relative ability to handle the incredibly long stair climb. Because...that was a lot of stairs, y'all. Edited, it started and then it was over, but if you look at that building...I mean, 400 feet is, on average, about 40 stories. Climbing the stairs in a building to the 40th floor is imposing. Anyway, my point is that I wonder whether Danielle and Dani decided to have their best aerobic endurance person do it, not accounting enough for the heights business.

On the roof, Danielle talks to Fran about her tremendous anxiety and wonders aloud why she ever agreed to do this. Fran advises her to breathe. Her freak-out takes us into…

Commercials. Wait, the team that won that T-Mobile "play hard" thing last week was Fran and Barry? Who missed the clue box? God. Once again, I am out of step with America.

When we come back, Fran is still trying to comfort Danielle in her hour of losing it. In the manner of the grandparents Fran and Barry promised never to be in the first episode, Fran gives her a hug and tells her to relax. Obviously, it's win-win, because Danielle wants to get down, and Fran wants to get her down so that she herself can go. It is kind of nice, still, because I think there is a rule only giving you a couple of minutes in these situations to do the task before you lose your spot, so Fran could have just left Danielle to wig. I think it's also genuine sympathy, and she does a good job of steadying Danielle. Fran tells her to just look at the wall, which I think is always the best advice with this stuff. Asked if she's ready, Danielle says she's never going to be ready, but she's doing it anyway. On the ground, Dani calls her "so tough it's not even funny." Fran cheers for Danielle as she starts the rappel. Joni is now rappelling as well. Once Danielle gets the hang of it, she completes the rappel pretty well, and is followed by Joni over at the other staircase, who explains that she's just letting her ass bring her down, basically. When they're both done, they get taxis, and Fran is the last one to do the rappel. She finishes at last, and she and Barry go.

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