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I mean, honestly. Look at the situation. You have one chance to visit Tanzania. You have one chance to be on television, on a really good and cool show that people really like. You have one chance to share this experience with your girlfriend. And you decide to act like...this? Good God. Mirna was full of shit, but at least she was trying to have a good time. Better a persecution complex than a prosecution complex. Besides, again, this show does not give you enough money or enough fame to live on for the rest of your life. I just can't understand people who can't wrap their brains around how short your time as a cast member is, compared to the amount of time you're going to spend as a former cast member, the entire pleasantness of which is going to be determined not just by whether you win, but by how you act. Is this the guy you want to be, for fuck's sake? No matter who you really are, do you really want to be the guy who touched off a discussion about various and assorted Creepy-Ass Men and Bad Boyfriends We Have Known? You really want to be the guy who made everybody embarrassed at a national level because you made us all feel like we needed to send flowers to Tanzania and apologize for you? This is just no way to act.

Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole leave on the first charter out of Kilimanjaro at 8:30 AM. As Phil reminds us, once they get to Nairobi, it will be time for a flight to Dubai and the Clue Hotel. Both teams express relief about being on the first flight.

Back at the airport, Colin and Christie "talk" about their blowup. She explains, inordinately calmly, that she was frustrated by the "waste of time." His response, according to the captions: "Do you see how you are just harping on me?" Pfft. He hasn't seen harping. At any rate, I think he actually said "were" harping on me -- I think he's talking about before, at the station, not right now. She goes on to say that she wasn't harping just to harp, that she got frustrated and perhaps didn't handle it in the best possible way. Did she just apologize? Ew. Gross. I mean, she may have cranked up the complaining for a while, but it's not like he didn't earn it, and she certainly doesn't owe him any apologies. Ew. Yeah, it's worth two "ew"s. Possibly more.

Their flight takes off at 9:30, carrying both of their increasingly unsettling asses as well as the Twinkies'. Linda and Karen wait for their charter -- the last one, of course.

At the Nairobi airport, Chip and Kim and Brandon and Nicole are just arriving. Inside, they all get tickets on a flight on Kenya Air that leaves at noon.

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