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At 10:30, Karen and Linda's flight finally takes off. Shortly thereafter, Colin and Christie and the Twinkies arrive, and they go in and get tickets on the same flight. As these teams prepare to board, they note that the only team not there yet is Linda and Karen. At 11:40, as the flight to Dubai is boarding, Linda and Karen are arriving. They spot the rest of the teams boarding the plane as their plane is taxiing, so they bolt inside to try to get tickets on the same flight. The guy tells them that there's nothing he can do, because the flight is leaving in ten minutes. In my favorite moment of the whole episode, the guy walks away from them saying, "Okay." And Linda turns around all, "You'll do it?" And he says, "No." Hee hee. Yeah. Some "okay"s are just "I'm done with you." She begs some more, but there's just not anything the guy can do. So the noon flight from Nairobi to Dubai leaves without the moms. Kenya Air has nothing else, so they set out to wander the airport looking for another option. They eventually find a later flight that will get in at 12:19 AM -- about six hours after the other teams, who will land in Dubai at about 6:00 PM tonight. They complain some more about how they're always in last place. Ladies? Less lamentations. More getting out of last place. And honestly, they should immediately realize that they have a reasonably good shot at catching up, if the arrival times are dinnertime and midnight.

In Dubai -- which they finally deign to tell you is in the United Arab Emirates -- the noon flight from Nairobi lands. The teams run through the airport, with Chip calling out, "Twins, where we runnin'?" Nooooo, Chip! Don't ask them! They don't know! You'll end up in Denmark! They all head into taxis outside the airport and ask for the Clue Hotel. (No, I don't know how to spell it.) In his cab, Chip makes it sound like he was hanging with the Twins, talking about how they "made the old man have to run again." Heh.

When the teams get to the hotel, it turns out that the cab driver really doesn't want to let you out where the clue box is -- he wants to take you right to the door of the hotel. It looks like the only team to be let out right by the box is Chip and Kim, so Chip is the first with his hands on the clue. The clue sends the teams to the hotel's heliport -- hours of operation for that being 8:00 to 6:00 PM. They missed it by about fifteen minutes, it would appear, and now they have to wait until morning. Somebody (Colin, I think) comments that at least they have a fourteen-hour break to rest. Seriously. He could accumulate an elaborate Dubai criminal record with that kind of leisure time available.

Speaking of people who will be happy to make the best of the hours of operation, the Bowling Moms arrive in Dubai later that night. When they read the hours of operation, they realize they're back in it. I'm not sure when I stopped really being happy for them anymore, but it was probably, like, the ninetieth time they had their asses saved. It's getting a little silly.

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