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At ten to eight the next morning, the sun is brilliant over the striking curved architecture of the hotel. The teams all head for the glass elevator that they have to ride to the top. While they're heading up, Colin says, "Gimme a kiss," so Christie does. They both look bored. That didn't creep me out as much as it did some people, and it actually seemed like he felt a little bit bad and was looking for reassurance and a certain amount of face-saving, but it certainly is not a relationship built on overt warmth. Let me ask you something else weird -- aside from that kiss right there, how many times during the race would you have been able to prove they weren't brother and sister? I'm asking seriously. Do they have sparky affection of any kind between them? Anything like Nicole jumping on Brandon's back to go across the rocks, or Chip teasing Kim about being Queen many times would they have looked weird if you had thought they were brother and sister? I would venture to say...not very many. Just an observation. Posited: Blake and Paige were more romantic than Colin and Christie.

At any rate, as everyone ascends in the glass elevator, there is much ooh-ing and aah-ing over the view, which does look to be spectacular. At the top, everyone heads for the clue box at the same time. Phil explains that they now have to get themselves to a water taxi station, where they'll take a water taxi to the Port of Dubai. There, they'll have to find a traditional boat called a dhow, where a guy will give them a clue. "Dhow." Hmm. Never heard of it, but Microsoft Word recognizes it. What do you know. I hate it when I'm less worldly than my computer.

Everyone heads downstairs and gets -- once again -- into taxis. Chip and Kim ask whether the water taxis are nearby, as Kim worries about whether they're going to have enough money for whatever the task is. Colin and Christie manage to get passed in their cab by the Moms again (because apparently, word travels fast in the taxi underground that the American with the bad attitude is an even worse tipper), which causes Colin to start up again with the demands that the guy go very fast. When they all arrive at the water taxis, Brandon and Nicole have nothing but twenties, and when the driver (unsurprisingly) fails to have any change, Brandon gives him a twenty and lets him keep it, much to Nicole's chagrin. When she protests, he seems -- although frustrated -- to stop and give her the opportunity to go back if she really wants to, but I think she knows he's right, basically. Chip and Kim, Brandon and Nicole, and the Twinkies wind up on the same water taxi. On the ride, Nicole asks around and is frustrated to find out that everyone else only paid their cab driver nine dollars. "You can't keep giving twenties out, baby," she says. Again, whiny, but she's right. Kim voices over that she agrees with Nikki, and that Chip is the same way, with all of the throwing the money around.

Colin and Christie and the Moms pull up to the water taxi station. They, too, share a water taxi.

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