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Chip asks a bunch of locals for the particular boat they're looking for, which he calls a "dee-how" boat. And I'm not sure that's going to help. On the other hand, they do find it, so apparently, it worked. Perhaps the locals are used to translating from Microsoft Word. On the boat, Chip and Kim -- "Currently in 1st Place" -- get their clue. And it's the Detour. Pros and cons, yadda yadda yadda. This week's Detour is a choice between Off-Plane and Off-Road. In Off-Plane, you both skydive, tethered to instructors. The downside, time-wise, is that it's one team to a plane, and planes only go once every 45 minutes. In Off-Road, you go to the same dunes where the skydivers will land, and you drive a 4x4 over the dunes through a course. Don't get stuck, or they'll have to tow you. Oh, and you have to take a safety guide with you, so don't get any wacky ideas about popping wheelies.

Chip and Kim choose the Off-Road, while the Twinkies and Brandon and Nicole are jumping. Well, Nicole is jumping. Brandon seems against it, but Nicole states her opinion, and she seems to prevail. Chip and Kim, on the other hand, are clearly having trouble finding a taxi driver who has any idea where it is they're trying to go. The slightly lagging Colin and Christie and Moms get their clue, and both choose Off-Road, with Christie making it fairly clear that she wants that option because she doesn't want to wait to skydive. When Colin and Christie's cab pulls up, she leans in to talk to the driver, and when he comes up next to her, she points at the back of the car and says, "Go! Back there, I'm talking to him." See, it's interesting, because...when she does stuff like that, I really don't see her as the shrinking violet type. I see her as the bad-at-bickering type, but not the cowed-by-her-boyfriend type. I'm just not seeing it. In spite of her weird apology, I get the feeling that she doesn't put up with a lot of shit from him before she gives him a kick, and when she doesn't, it seems like it's because she knows there's no point, rather than because she's scared of him. In other words, I think he's a complete ass to her, but I don't think he runs her. From the door-blocking, you can see that she's perfectly capable of diving down into some of the same overcranked, immature crap that he likes so much. After all, she never once told Colin he was being an embarrassing asshole; she just said he was wasting her time.

In Chip and Kim's cab, meanwhile, they note that their money is running low and the meter is ticking up. In Brandon and Nicole's cab, they're not looking all that excited about the skydiving. In Colin and Christie's cab, he's yapping about how he's got all kinds of off-roading experience, so he's all set. Whatever. In Linda and Karen's cab, Linda's saying she's always wanted to off-road on sand dunes, and Karen is saying, "You'd better not flip us." Heh. Back in Chip and Kim's cab again, Chip is voicing over that he realized he didn't have the money to pay the guy. Ooh, not cool. You gotta tell the guy that, Chip. It certainly is Screw The Taxi Industry Week.

All the skydivers arrive at the Aeroclub. Brandon and Nicole blow by the flag on the way to the entrance, even though they see it, but when the Twinkies get there, Karli gets their cab to stop at the flag, and she wants to get out. Kami overrules her, though, all, "Just because we see the flag, that doesn't mean this is the spot." So she makes the driver leave and follow Brandon and Nicole. When they all wind up circling back to that fateful flag, Karli understandably can't resist pointing out that she was right. Both teams pile out of their cabs at the airfield, and the first to the clue box is Brandon, so he grabs the little "1" off the post for their team, putting KamiKarli 45 minutes behind them. When he waves the "1" at the camera, it's particularly nice that Brandon resists doing a "We're Number One!" with one finger. To her credit, Kami immediately apologizes to Karli, and says she's sorry, and she should have listened. You know, people don't often do that quite that readily; that impressed me.

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